Aquarius (愛情有沒友 星座愛情水瓶女) Episode 07

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好朋友不等於好情人。喜歡自由,不按照傳統規則去過日子的水瓶女,結婚不是唯一的選項,愛情充滿著無限可能,而且面對感情,常常友情與愛情分不清楚, 因此,一些女朋友是「水瓶女」的男人,經常會有「我們之間,是愛情嗎?」的疑惑...
「水瓶女」柯有容(夏于喬飾)在網路商城擔任商品開發,充滿正義感俠義心腸,一旦認定你是朋友,就會對你掏心挖肺,赴湯蹈火。 大學時期默默喜歡上萬弘志(張棟樑飾)但當時的小萬愛的是伊雪(樓庭岑飾),有容選擇成全兩位好友,自此把小萬當成一輩子的好友、永遠的哥兒們,只有偶爾內心會有些疑惑和感慨。 但小萬早在多年的相處之下,悄悄地愛上有容,而有容卻早已在彼此之間,畫了一條「好朋友」的界線,讓小萬不知該如何突破這條界線來向有容告白...

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4 thoughts on “Aquarius (愛情有沒友 星座愛情水瓶女) Episode 07

  1. 伊雪 is a Fucking Bitch ! Trying to ruin her best friends life? Well, that time, you’ve chosen to break up with 小萬 and now you want him back? If I was you, I’d rather let my bestie to have a good relationship life instead of just thinking about myself! This is just getting overboard!

  2. f**king bitch sdkjnfsidnf after all the things she has done for you! f**kkk!!! sighh i knew it, should have never helped/trusted her ==”

  3. YX is so sneaky and up to no good .. whatever YR did for her is simply wasted. I can see that YX will betray YR a second time except that XW will not give up YR

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