An Innocent Mistake (罪美麗) Episode 01

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39 thoughts on “An Innocent Mistake (罪美麗) Episode 01

  1. Wow~ Fridays TTV original drama… *thumb’s up*
    Great unique and experienced cast! All very natural acting! I’m drawn already!!

  2. 我有點搞不懂時空 剛剛看到月曆上面是西元1989年 
    1. 老師找到的五千元 當時的千元紙鈔好像不是那個顏色的   
    2. 有氣質媽媽在翻女兒的電話簿時 裡面的電話都是八碼的 當時的七碼電話改成八碼了嗎?   
    3. 小媽媽說要打玻尿酸 當時有玻尿酸了嗎?    
    4. 當時有手機? 胖媽媽在廁所裡遞毛巾的時候 有人在講手機  

    還是我搞錯了, 女主角的高中時期 是現在? 2012?

  3. The mothers are so loving and wonderful. How much they love each other and love Zhong Chu Man is so touching.
    It makes me sad that such wonderful people have be stranded by destiny to such crappy lives, for lack of better words.

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