What Is Love Episode 09

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A woman, who is a stickler for pure love and in hope of monogamous marry life, meets a philanderer who brings out the love/hate feelings in every woman. In a battle for the heart, will she surrender her principle and be one of his conquest? Or will she succeed in making him a loyal husband?

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  • Ave

    if guys like this exist in real life, any day man. any day. haha

  • Lacy

    I want yihua to be with bai zhong you! I think he really really loves yihua, just that he needs some time to stop all his bad habits. Adam is nice but I have a feeling that he’s just using yihua as a revenge to zhong you…

  • Tinatgt



  • primmy

    This episode is v e r y slow.  who will be the one to win her heart? 

  • Blossom

    Can’t stand Mr Bai, just b’cos no girls wants him back…he had no choice! 😛

  • Fs

    she look like snsd sica

  • Cloud 34

    i hate Bai Zhong You disgusting mother!!!

  • Abc

    Any girl would have easily fallen for Adam… He is so sweet, considerate n pay attention to small details which most girls find lacking in men..
    I really want to see yi hua ends up with Adam.. It shud be more realistic tat way..

    • Serlina

      adam is a good guy but i am afraid that he might be taking revenge on Bai Zhong You. Hope i am thinking too much!!

      • Abc

        when adam first appeared in the drama, i had the same notion as u too.. but now i think he is sincere, at least i hope so..if he isnt, then he is doubly worse than zhong you..
         wonder if they are gonna show what actually happened between adam and zhong you..at the moment, we can only guess that it has to do with a girl..

  • Xxx


  • Xxx

    最後那一段跟怡華爸的那段對話  真是拍得太好了

  • Guest


  • Guest11

    haha.. thats y we love idol drama.. it always paint the perfect story… how the guy will change and go all out for the gal.. and how the gal will always get an almost close to perfect 2nd guy wooing and taking care of her too…

    • Alice

      I’m with you. Even if this does not happen in reality, at least we can still dream about it. =D

  • Miriam

    from the looks of it, i still don’t feel that yi hua loves the main guy. i only see that she is happier and more comfortable with the 2nd guy. indeed, she fell in love with the main guy in the 1st-2nd episode but when she knew he was cheating on her, she abruptly cut off ties with him.
    i don’t see in her a change of heart in this episode and if it is coming to end, there should be development in her feelings for the main guy now or in the next episode.

    • yasmine

       oh..how many eps are there? 13?

    • Yeah I think it would be more realistic if she ends up with the second guy, Adam

  • Miriamtiuseco

    zhou ting really looks like liang jing ru or fish leong

  • Meadmead

    但是, 在現實生活中的渣男,就是渣男, 不會改變的.

    • Miriam

      and don’t be carried away from wathing too many love dramas.
      real life and fiction are 2 different things. use your head more than heart in choosing a mate.

  • Chyi1981

    Thanks a lot!