What Is Love Episode 06

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A woman, who is a stickler for pure love and in hope of monogamous marry life, meets a philanderer who brings out the love/hate feelings in every woman. In a battle for the heart, will she surrender her principle and be one of his conquest? Or will she succeed in making him a loyal husband?

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  • Paula Santana

    i love duncan so much! *-* i just watching because him

  • sierra

    Li Hua’s long legs are beautiful.

  • YukiLuvPrincess

    Never fall for a playboy in real is right , but sometimes a playboy may change to a better guy because of a girl , fate is really important 🙂 Playboy doesn’t mean he’s always bad

  • Evelyn

    the clothing and its colours are done so perfectly! <3

  • Jetblackheart

    anyone knows how many episodes there are in total??

  • Pearl

    lol what’s with the person at the window at 45:00? lol XDDDDD

  • Miriam

    zong you is sure to win because he has someone coaching him the answers.

  • Miriam

    their promotions department really did their work very efficiently.

  • Pineappletartlim

    Is anyone finding it hard to watch on the iPad ? I have been watching the last few episodes for more than 3 hours. It doesn’t occur to the other shows but just this one

  • Katy

    张绍谦与白宗佑seem to know each other. 三角恋即将开始咯。

  • Guest


  • G826116361


  • mujasz

    Totally love the colours in this show. All pastel and beautiful ((;

  • guest

    choose shao qian pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! forget bai zhong you ,,, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee….. 😀

    not because bai zhong you not handsome or not nice,,,but eva need shao qian loves… pure,,simple,,natural…. thats real love,,,riteeee??? 😀
    i wish ex-boyfriends,,,and i love you so much ending will be happened in this series two,,,which is the female and male lead not ended up together! hohohohohohoo

  • Imzoner115


    • Yamiami


      • Imzoner115


  • Joanna2757



    • xin


    • Miriam

      i also would like her to be with shaoqian but we know this isn’t going to be the case here since he is the second lead man .
      But in real life, i advise girls NEVER to fall for playboys because what you get is only heartaches.
      Playing around is a psychological illness, similar to alcoholism and game addiction. it is very difficult to recover completely from it. don’t ever commit the mistake that the person will change because he loves you so much. that kind or mentality is perpetuated from reading too many romance books and watching too many romantic drama series.
      always be level-headed when falling in love.

  • Orientlpurplemoon

    Wow!! let the show begin…it is getting more n more interesting. 
     i guess duncan’s problem with chris must have got to do with his girlfriend…
    hope duncan is sincere and not pretend to like yi wah jus to spite chris..

    • Yamiami

      he seems sincere but he almost seem like he cant forget about that college girlfriend of his. 🙁 probably passed away or something =.=”

  • ah Man

    Team Duncan! Yay!

  • Xxx


  • Sophia

    Shao Qian is very handsome and a great guy. I wonder what happened with him and his ex and what Bai Zhong You had to do with it. Hope Shao Qian ends up with Yi Hua.

    Btw, wasn’t Bai Zhong You’s English name also Adam?

    • Yamiami

      bai zhong you doesnt really have an english name. you can tell when he was calling all his exs he had different nicknames that would touch the girl’s heart. 
      in li wah’s case, he used adam because her english name was eva..

      • Miriam

        yes, zong you is the ultimate ingenious playboy. he is romeo to his girlfriend named juliet, he is jack to the other girlfriend rose, etc. he is zhi ming to his girlfriend named chun jiao,etc. really funny aliases to have for each girlfriend!

  • Guest

    白渣男,出局吧! yes!

  • Guest

    I love this episode. Love it!

  • Blossom

    Adam’s such a gentleman…..unlike Li Wah’s boss who’s a clown! 😛

  • Xxx

    太好看了  這編劇竟然想到這種特別的節目    男一男二對決

  • Blossom

    I hope Li Wah doesn’t end-up with her boss….

    • guest

      agreeddddddddddddddddddd! 😀

    • Song

      It’s not Li Wah. It’s Yi Hua (怡華)… =_=|||

  • Lena

    Thanks for sharing here