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黎曉陽人生最閃耀的一刻 ,就是她大學畢業那年,幸運地考上航空公司的空服員,從此開始了忙碌又平凡的空姐生涯。但是當孟克槐這個男人意外闖入她的世界裡,曉陽就像坐上失控的雲霄飛車一般,朝向不可知的未來衝去。

孟克槐是誰? 出身世家,從小被師長視為天才資優生,第一本創作小說就賣了一百萬本,他的才華,還有迷人又帶點稚氣的笑容,讓他在短短時間就擁有超高的人氣。這樣的男人怎會和平凡有如路人甲的黎曉陽牽扯在一起?故事要從某次台北往高雄的飛機上說起…

這一天,曉陽登上飛往高雄的班機服務。孟克槐剛好也是乘客 ,他刻意低調裝扮,打算偷偷飛去與秘密情人袁嘉琳見面。沒想到一到高雄,曉陽和克槐陰錯陽差地一起被瘋狂書迷綁架。兩人被迫共處一夜,要把克槐拖稿已久小說最終回寫出來,幸好在曉陽的靈感激發下,克槐順利把結局完成,兩人也因此化險為夷。

高雄的奇遇,讓曉陽和克槐成了不打不相識的朋友 ,尤其當曉陽發現男友竟背著她劈腿好不傷心時,也多虧了克槐在旁及時化解她的窘況。


另外,從來不冒險,一直謹守人生軌道的黎曉陽,這次面對愛神向她丟來的球,有勇氣接住嗎? 憑藉著半熟女的無賴精神,黎曉陽決定不顧一切的拼了!

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  • Sophia

    The part he talks to his mom reminds me of the similar scene in Material Queen where Chu Man confronted her mom, both very sad and heartbreaking for the kid

  • Elite5chris

    i almost cried..
    為什麼要我付錢 lol

  • anon

    i gotta say, previous were all lame til this ep, and i know it will get better 


    What time will upload ep 12?

  • Anon1

    Pls fix ep 11 asap!! 🙁

  • Ykt1122

    help !!! i can’t watch episode11. why

  • onedirection<3

    Please post on ep 12!!! and if you watched it yesterday it wouldn’t be blocked LOL… ep 12 plz!

    • Guest

      ep 12 doesn’t air until 6/22/12…

  • guest


    why are the clips blockedddddd?????I want to watch it so bad. Some one plz fix it!?

  • Guest

    ahh! its been blocked! >_<

    • guest was still working ytd. today part 1 n 5 are blocked.

  • Panda

    cai shu zhen looks so young! i can’t believe how old she really is! 

  • Sandy_chen_77

    He said you can kiss me in return.

  • Beanie

    what happen to Episode 10? why was it being deleted? =(

  • ws

    Aww…so sweet. I hope it’s not too draggy. I like that song in part 5 around 4:45. Anyone know who sings that?

  • Airinlii

    awwwwwwwwwwwwww they r so cute together! <3

  • Hhhhh

    蔡淑臻是說“yeah right”吧==
    you are right….

  • Orientalpurplemoon

    The best episode so far… Touching n endearing.. Ke huai n xiao yang r so natural. Jus hope that jia ling is not causing any trouble for them in de next episode

  • Bhbh

    Both the main leads are so sweet and loving. Hope is a happy ending.

  • Aqua_we07

    sooooooooooooooooooo sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeettttttttttttttttttttt arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 😀

  • arisugoo184

    did meng ke huai get a hair cut? his hair looks a little different…or is it because its been a week since they released the episode that i’ve forgotten what his hair looks like…OMG!! the little boy who plays the young ke huai is so adorable and so is ke huai in that tree thing. so in love with darren, what a beautiful episode

    • star_dreamer

      You should check out the little boy in May.Boy! He’s really great!

  • ^^

    finally…. so sweet!!!!

  • guest


  • Luluwong

    開始覺得無聊。it is getting old…

    • Yamiami

      有嗎? 編劇把劇情寫得這麼細膩 終於把孟克槐的秘密從第一集或第二集鋪梗到現在這樣子 雖然感覺很平淡 但也不拖戲 把許多梗都交代得清清楚楚 不像某些偶像劇亂演

  • Tween


  • 123


  • lee hui hui


  • Abc