Fondant Garden (翻糖花園) Episode 01

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鄭米恩 (簡嫚書飾) 個性開朗善良,從小將父親對製作蛋糕的心意銘記在心,


朴希煥 (朴政珉飾)







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Tipster Rednimer
  • guess

    It is not ur turn yet to commenting the actor’s acting since u r not in the industries with them!! GTH!!!

  • guess

    Sorry to make u disappointed! Our Jung Min isn’t a gay, he is a normal wise and kind-hearted man that receive so many love from his family, friends, and fans! Not like u, speaking unwisely.. Be wise and use ur Brain while commenting!!!!

  • guess

    shut up!! Do u think ur nose is pretty yet to comment the actors nose?

  • guess

    dont watch it if u dont like!!! just shut up!!!

  • guess

    speak wisely!!!! do U think u r perfect????

  • Cammie

    The behind-the-scenes is SOOOO HILARIOUS!! xDDD HAHAH

  • Ki


  • Sellylin99

    i love 簡嫚書 and 朴政珉

  • BoyxBoyz

    the girl looks really like raine when she was young

  • qian

    The girl makes me think of ranie sometimes

  • Love kingone wang!

    So cool!!Can talk both Chinese & Korean!!Excited!!

  • guest

    it’s just normal pepper you can purchase from market and normal chili paste you can find from almost any Korean supermart. My mum’s korean.

  • guest

    I really like this show as well and also skip beat. But not absolute boyfriend so I personally wont say ALL. 🙂