Fondant Garden Episode 11

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鄭米恩 (簡嫚書飾) 個性開朗善良,從小將父親對製作蛋糕的心意銘記在心,


朴希煥 (朴政珉飾)







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  • Aliceeee

    i think that hanxiang is better,he isn’t selfish actually , it is becuz he is not lloked as someone important since he was young , he chose to give up mien is becuz he wanted his family to accept him.i guess most of the ppl will think family is more important .hanji is not mature enough but still sweet.i juz feel wierd when i like hanxiang more but every comment is about hanji haha.juz personal opinion

  • Asd

    Park side view looks like wu zhun. 

    • Farrenhit

      seriously?! wu zhun is like so much more handsome

  • 輝雄講韓語欸 笑翻了XDD 真可愛

  • 翰祥竟然不讓憨集進去 聽到”不用”兩字時真是氣史我了

  • onon

    up till now I still think that hanxiang matches perfectly with mien. I dun like hanji, this korean boy looks strange @@ I mean a bit 妖嬌.