KO One II (終極一班2) Preview

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Story takes place after the real Liu Bei returned to the Silver Dimension. When Wang Da Dong was delivering Liu Bei through the inter-dimensional portal, he encountered a timequake and was thrown to ten years in the future. In the future, all the people on the KO ranking have mysteriously disappeared and the class of KO One is now controlled by a girl named King.

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  • YüUnknown

    Funshion has episode 1 but its not clear . 

  • Tiffany2609

    i wanna try watching it!!!!!!when is it going to start i rather make it my self the story

    • Kirara

      yeah, same here.. anyone know where we can watch the preview? 

      • Kirara

        finally i can watch the preview!! and then off to watching episode 1 and 2 !!! 🙂 

  • Sap_98

    ccb  want  to watch preview on here and youtube also cannot super lousy lor

  • 没名字

    什么时候会做?? 超想看的

  • OMG can’t believe this is back…… lol but can we please have xiu and aaron and calvin back too lol

    • Minymy

      xiu i heard is still in here, well according to wiki drama

  • Rekho


    • Yutingoh

      亞綸!! 我也想看他):


    0_0 Is the King Xiu’s Girlfriend?????!!!!!!! (Ah Xiang)
    Or is it just me?

    • Yes. its the same actress.



  • reene


  • Heihyanz

    where is aaron? 🙁

  • Whenpigsfly937

    When I saw all those old posters, it made me realize how much I missed all those old shows!!! Really hoped the rest of Fahrenheit and Danson would at least appear for a cameo. But unfortunately, the filming is over 🙁 I have a sad life.haha

  • Guest



    不知道為什麼, 那白頭髮的臉長得好搞笑喔XDDDD

    • Kh9340534


  • show810

    D.C.W xiu!!!

  • Sandynguyen875

    when ep 2

  • Bee Tsao

    how i wish ya se nd xiao yu were there too… 🙁 even for a cameo

  • Hi_11

    How i wish xiu was here so he and peici awww. :/

  • Teoyongkeong

    i wan to watch it nw!!!!!!

  • Xiia0Jing

    but ii don tink got xiao yu , ya she , denson tang , Xiu cos they say da dong . xiao yu , ya she lost for 10year .. nv saw thm at ep1 too maybe other ep ^_^ … xiu only act the 1st part after tht don have -,-!!! ..

  • Xiia0Jing

    Now funshion got ep1 can watch if u guys wan (:

  • Fu


  • Ddd

    was looking forward to it but it looks so shit

  • Abc

    I wanna watch nowwwww!!!

  • Mei

    SO EXCITED <3 <3

  • guest

    rooting for XIU more than anyone else!!!!!<33

  • Guest

    I still wish there is the farenhiet members and danson tang in it 🙁

  • zhiry

    since it’s M-F, is there going to be tons of episode? does anyone know?

  • Rosa Ng


  • hahaha

    金sanity lolllll

  • Happy


  • Guest

    so wanna watch this!! cant wait!

  • Enchanted Rain

    jin san bao was held back for 10 years??!! lol!

  • 花花


  • 虽然只有大东T.T,可是!我还是会看滴!

  • 小紅

    金髮人整形整很大喔~ 可是超期待的!!!!!!!!!大東!!!!!!!!!

  • Xx

     last ep xiu is the domain character ,this time is wang da dong , awesome

  • Sanini

    3:49: YES I AM hahahaha so cute

  • noname


  • Mr.K

    What the date release??

    • Guest

      december 26

  • angel

    looking forward :3

  • Qq860830


  • Carmen Aaron


    • Rekho


      • Guest

        Geezz its no big deal atleast jiro is in it hess soo hott

  • xiao qi

    who is that person in 4.59??

    • Jesstan96

      Ceng Pei Ci

  • Kh9340534


    • Guest


  • shushushu

    OMG! ITS HERE! KO ONE I MISS YOU A LOT! <3 never expect it to have KO One II!! YAY!! can't wait for episode 1! 😀  

    • lorhking

      ep 1 is out long time ago

      • BLue

        But u can only find it in chinese websites

  • Jenny_mow

    丁小雨 亞瑟王 :'((可惜.. 以前的人物都沒有了 只剩大東&葉赫那拉思人 , 不過看到有弟2集還蠻開心的 🙂

  • bbb


    • Tez

      葉死人是終極一家的那個世界的分身! 這邊的不叫葉死人! 她們都是有雙胞胎的! 終極三國的也是一樣!

  • Ssinyii