KO One II Episode 27

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Story takes place after the real Liu Bei returned to the Silver Dimension. When Wang Da Dong was delivering Liu Bei through the inter-dimensional portal, he encountered a timequake and was thrown to ten years in the future. In the future, all the people on the KO ranking have mysteriously disappeared and the class of KO One is now controlled by a girl named King.

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  • fiwje

    his eyes are SO RED FROM TEARING O.O anyways good acting 🙂

  • Miu


  • hy

    当断肠人离开时超感动的,,都看到哭了 :(

  • Kaemz

    Is it the doctor?! ):
    Poor Ling! And what’s with Linglong?! He’s too cute, don’t make him turn evil. TT.

  • Vicki

    断肠人跟黑龙那段超感人!超爱断肠人。。为什么要断肠人死? 🙁

  • A.C

    Someone please give Jack Na Wei Xun (黑龙和断肠人) an award for his superb acting!

  • 123


  • Fire X

    I dun think is Hua Ling Long as he was only eight when the people in the K.O rank disappear. He does not have that kind of power.

  • kat

    i want duan chang ren

  • woof.

    what’s the name of the song that was playing in the hei long and duan chang ren’s moment 😮

    • LilFir

      (配樂) 一個人想著一個人 (Lonely Time 版)

  • carmen

    Does this mean that Da Dong wouldn’t be appearing anymore??

  • laud_myself

    庞教授有可能师金宝三 应为他有动机 常被大东欺负 艾校医有可能是十年后铁时空的盟主 他接近king 为了查出异能消失的原因

  • Sweet milk

    the part of duan chang ren and hei long is so sadness!!!
    next episode :

    1. Why “Hua Ling Long” can do that?
    2. Why Ling’s power can gone?
    I think that all because of Geng Lie!
    I hate you geng lie!!!!!!

  • kim

    For some reason I still think King’s butler is the evil boss

  • lovetwdrama

    many music in this episode comes from the nutcracker suite!!

  • charlotte


  • asunazx

    i think that, geng lei put a spell on hua ling long leh

  • Lolx

    Go die lah Geng lia you will definitely pay for what u hav done 😛

  • viscariaJ

    Keep hearing Ling say Hei Rong instead of Long, can tell his Korean identity…

  • lilfir

    Rewatched the scene of Hei Long & Duan Chang Ren and I still cried. They insert the sound track at just about the right place.

  • 那微醺太厲害了 害我狂流眼淚

  • wtss

    fuck gang lie

  • keke

    hua ling long is becoming weird~

  • wtss


  • reina

    🙁 ling 🙁 duan chang ren…. go away geng lie….

  • kk

    怎麼沒有480p的 T.T

  • cindy~

    耿列好煩喔.. ugh 令 !!!!:(

  • ㄨㄨ


  • 大家有没有发现球是终极一家里面的“姑姑”

    • guest


  • eeming0509

    i wan to see !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ep28 so nice alrdy now but I WAN DA DONG !!!!

  • Kaidimiao

    Maybe the Professor is the doctor o.o

  • ttluvbubz101

    I think Hua Ling Long is maybe under a spell or something. He is so different now. UGH hate geng lie for his decision!! IF HE DOES ANYTHING TO HURT LING, I WOULD GO INTO THE SHOW AND HURT HIM MYSELF!!! Ling is so cute!! He is my favorite character in this drama.

  • jojo548

    maybe….the doctor is the bad dude and he is using hua ling long to carry out his evil schemes, and when geng lie meets, he will meet hua ling long!
    idk. but it seems that way. and they focus a lot on hua ling long’s ring. maybe that’s the one making him evil!

    • ttluvbubz101

      omg the ring!! i did not notice that!! it could be the thing making him evil. in The X-Family, Xiao Yu(Danson’s character) became evil after putting on a ring.

  • r83251

    那維勳演的好好!! 快掉眼淚了ˇˇ
    以前不是很聰明?!! 限再怎麼反而變笨了?????

    • Sweet milk

      what your mean?you say ling is stupid? Ling not stupid you know , that is because Ling believe Geng Lie..


    Hua Ling Long …. what happened to you? Hope you are under a spell and faster wake up!!!!!!!! BTW, Geng Lie GTFO

  • jojo548

    maybe….the doctor is the bad dude and he is using hua ling long to carry out his evil scemes, and when geng lie meets, he will meet hua ling long!
    idk. but it seems that way. and they focus a lot on hua ling long’s ring. maybe that’s the one making him evil!

  • 等等


    • JT

      should say na wei xun acted very well 😛

  • kk

    love the show but i dont get it!! if da dong got sent back 10 years after he was sending lui bei back then how int he world did he die. lik seriously can someone explain please!!!!!!

    • esther_lim

      Da Dong was sent to 10 years later after he sent Liu Bei back. When he was sent back to 10 years before, it was before he went to the explosion site. So probably a few days/weeks/months later (after he was sent back to 10 years ago) he went to the explosion site thing to find out about why people who have yi neng are dissapearing. So over there something happened, but we all dont know if da dong really died. so yea… =D Hope it helps! =D

  • Ling is so handsome! Wish to see he will with qiuqiu

    • Yoseob

      but thats kinda weird since shes his sister in the other dimension :3 but yea agreed ^^

  • lilfir

    The twin brothers’ scene was very very heartwrenching. I cried buckets. Jack Na’s acting is A*star.

    The real baddie is still up for guessing. Can’t decide who.

    Hua Ling Long’s 360 degrees change is a little hard to swallow. Hope he is under some spell. Zhongji Yi Ban has gone through so much to turn him into a baddie.

    The one who hit Ling looks like Hei Long’s hand though.

    Nevermind. Let’s just keep guessing.. 😀

    • lilfir

      Ok. Ooops. Got it wrong. That was Geng Lie’s hand.

  • Aya

    omfg gen lie is so 機車!!! he even hurt 五熊!!!?

  • carmen

    really want to know who that professor guy is!!!

  • carmen

    did anyone cry? i did!!

    • Yukiie

      I DID TOO!! Poor Duan Chang Ren~~ :'(

  • Penny


  • poor 斷腸人… T^T

  • guest

    OMG Hua Ling Long truing bad? Or is he under a spell?

  • 我怎么觉得那校医就是庞教授? 0.o

    • ManBehindAComputer

      Now then you realize? HAHAHA! 🙂

  • BT

    I think there is something wrong with the school’s doctor….. The way he looked at 花少爷 and 毬球 is weird…

    • 花少爷

      i think the doctor knows that something is wrong with 花少爷

  • whenpigsfly

    I got a feeling that doctor is the evil professor! Then again, it’s just a guess 🙂

  • Nikki

    hua ling long like weird weird de,

  • JUN

    I actually ship anyone with qiu qiu haha 😛

  • i think Duan xiao yi is the professor/bad guy!

  • JUN

    Duan Chang Ren part was damn saddening :'( AND WHATS WITH HUA LING LONG?! AND LING’S POWER IS GONE! :'( Argh geng lie!!!!

    • JUN


      • guest


  • 花少爷不是真的喜欢毬球的吧?真希望令会跟毬球在一起。

  • really can’t wait for tmr’s episode!

  • zohan

    Hahahahha this qiuqiu and ling v funny sia waixingniu waixingzhu hahahahaha cutez

  • ph

    omg so touching . duan chang ren

  • helen

    so sad>< how can he dead??!
    why dont they ask him what happen or did da dong reli dead?!-.-


      He doesn’t know ! They protected him and he escaped before the ‘explosion’

  • colinhx

    part 3 so sad

  • Katy

    so efficient!!

  • Qwe

    Thx for fast upload

  • Guest

    No point telling it to them. They know what to do. Just have a little patience.

  • Qwe

    Part 1 & 2 are the same, one part is missing, plx fix it, thx.

  • weiyi

    part 1 and 2 are the same!!

  • Colinhx


  • Lda

    Worth mi waiting for this night!

  • Riick


  • Aoi