KO One II Episode 26

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Story takes place after the real Liu Bei returned to the Silver Dimension. When Wang Da Dong was delivering Liu Bei through the inter-dimensional portal, he encountered a timequake and was thrown to ten years in the future. In the future, all the people on the KO ranking have mysteriously disappeared and the class of KO One is now controlled by a girl named King.

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Tipster Rednimer
  • Boo!

    WAITTTTTT this is so wierd~~~ ok, so in one of the episodes, 耿烈 was kinda like evil. but now, WTF, he seems so nice and all. WTF IS WRONG WITH THIS!?!?!?!?!?

  • AC

    Anyone knows the name of the music piece playing when 斷腸人:died?

  • lovetwdrama

    if duan chang ren died, why did he appear after 10 years and after da dong went to the future????

    • yoyoyo

      thats cuhs its his twin brother. it’s not the real him

      • ioki

        It was Duan Chang Ren not Hei Long -.-
        Lei Ting mentions after da dong vanished and went back to 10years ago, they went to investigate the yi neng and disappeared.

  • Genie


  • Genie


  • Nice Drama !! (Y) watched all the series of this ! 😀

  • lol

    what time is ep 27 coming out??

  • Yuki

    Omg don’t tell me hua ling long is the final boss that make all the power lose!!!!!!

  • xiia0heartx

    Woahh cool ! Hua ling long’s the badd guyyyyy?

  • crimsonnightmare

    who wan guess pang jiao shou is ? i guess pang jiao shou is hua ling long most likely due to his cunning acts =D

  • crimsonnightmare

    agree with pigsfly =D now the show is really getting my skin and eye peel d due to the next ep =x this is because the show is ending den they bring the intensity to us by showing us (something have happend) kind of thing i been not watching it since ep 16.. but nw really wan to watch wad really happens~~~…

  • Kiat

    Wang Da dong is coming backkk !!

  • tobiyan

    有没有可能我的 bass 就是庞教授啊?

  • viscariaJ


  • jie

    金宝三就是final boss

  • ll

    darn this episode was so boring -_-

  • guest

    really miss the three weapons



    • guest

      那是不同的時空 不是嗎?

    • viscariaJ


    • Leng

      LOL You just made me realized that wu xiong is xiao qiao!

  • wordzzzz

    so many ‘first!’ below. so who’s the first? lol

  • guest

    omg i cried when duan chang ren died TT_TT noooo why are all the good guys disappearing?!?!

  • LilFir

    Isn’t WuXiong supposed to be bear life? How come she makes monkey noise? 😡

    • LilFir

      *bear like.

      • LilFir

        Oh Ok. Thank you for the replies above. Understood.

    • jojo548

      she’s supposed to be a gorilla. that’s why she’s called jing gang mei. like king kong.

    • viscariaJ

      she is reared by gorilla, something like female version tarzan. she gets her name simple because she defeated 5 bears

  • ~Lovee~

    anyone notice that da dong and lei tings hair are alike? Da dong’s bangs are to the left and lei ting’s bangs are to the right. Their colors are the same too. and why isn’t gen lei in the title song?

    • gen lei is from another band. the title song is from Xpeical.

      • ~Lovee~

        i mean as the characters

      • guest

        Its SpeXial 😛

  • DomWinchester

    Lei Ting FINALLY thought of Da Dong. But her answer to Wan Jun was…

  • JUN

    LING :'(

  • 断肠人真的是个大好人!

  • why geng lie dont help them find out who that pang jiao shou instead betray ling!!

    • Pang

      because pang jiao shou rescued his life before

    • gary

      I think geng lie is actaully good , he must carry out his duty to gain pang jiao shou’s trust and then to find out the truth about 10 years ago and reveal everything 🙂

  • whenpigsfly937

    Finally some action!! It’s getting more interesting now rather than the past few episodes.


    终于有一点头绪了,现在开始讲异能的事,比之前一直讲情爱好。可是那个让异能行者失去异能的,不是X-MEN的桥段吗 =.= 似乎编剧很喜欢用异能消失跟失忆桥段,这部剧里一直在重复使用。

  • Valerie Wong

    They are so cunning, even change/add the intro of characters.
    For e.g previous few ep is duan chang ren, now change to hei long and they added in wu xiong too. But shouldnt they remove da dong then? -.-

    • JUN

      If not spoiler ma! I quite like their style though 😛

  • Fang_kpoplover

    anybody can guess who’s pang jiao shou?

    • Sonic

      if i not wrong maybe hua ling long?

      • wouldn’t he be too young?

    • Lalala

      Escarly is Jin bao San XD

    • DomWinchester

      Jia Yong Principal

    • guest

      而且他有錢,還有他本來是KO8 卻被大東打到變成麻瓜。

      • guest


    • jckira

      geng lie has a high possibility, hes definitely gonna be one of the main bad guys cuz hes the evil mastermind behind that loan company

    • jckira

      sorry thought u meant the final boss

  • tiffany

    firstttt!!!!!! 😀

  • calvin

    first xD

  • Joyce


  • hazel0ver

    yay i 1st

  • kk