KO One II Episode 13

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Story takes place after the real Liu Bei returned to the Silver Dimension. When Wang Da Dong was delivering Liu Bei through the inter-dimensional portal, he encountered a timequake and was thrown to ten years in the future. In the future, all the people on the KO ranking have mysteriously disappeared and the class of KO One is now controlled by a girl named King.

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  • crapper122345


  • :D


  • chi tat


  • Ginger PEEPEE

    桃子公主嘴唇有點厚 乾脆叫香腸公主算了!

  • Shan

    I prefer watching Jiro in KO one 2 returns than him at Drama go go go. The storyline is more interesting than Drama go go go.


    Cant watch -.- ?

  • LilFir<3GeRu

    I’m wondering just what past does Zhong Wan Jun have with King?

  • 佑禹 林


  • scott

    不能看0.0 被抓到了拉!

  • cccc

    I can’t view it…

  • !!! i cant watch ep 13!!!!!!!!!

  • Chen


  • 大東在戲裏的頭髮十分配他,很帥帥!

  • Amandachan

    They sound like foreigners, the coach and xiao tao princess.

  • 63


  • 07

    期待下一集~~ 告白~告白~告白~ ><

  • abc

    i think da dong like king too, but he will give the reason that they cant be together bcoz he is not from this “time”

  • 中萬鈞和花靈龍原來才20歲! 真想不到

    • 其实中萬鈞拍这时才18 ><

  • Guest

    i swear ive never wanted monday to come so badly

  • zohan

    Hahahahaha aww cutesie both

  • anon

    when is episode 14 coming out?

  • Karen

    i <3 qui qui she is soo pretty and aorable at the same time!!!!

  • candy

    我真的覺得 那個桃子公主的角色應該跟花靈龍的前女友互換吧= = 他女友明明很好看 為啥會當個整形失敗的角色?? 這個桃子公主外觀比較像整形失敗吧= =

  • Lala

    didnt watch KO one before but watch KO one 2..

  • lacers


  • CL

    OMG King and 大东 are the cutest <3 MY SHIP HAS SAILED

  • 花花


  • hua

    How come Princess Peach and the coach both have weird accent?

  • guest


  • LilFiR<3GeRu

    Looks like Dadong & King will be together in the next episode? But I wonder on what ground/reason would Dadong accept King?

  • guest

    令 finally appeared

  • guest

    look at hua ling long’s face

  • 桃子公主聲音好低….

  • 桃子公主…. so ugly

  • King<3

    King for the best:DD shes sooo pretty and cute

  • L

    雷霆是唯一让我觉得很美的短头发的女生。 《3

  • x

    i wish theres more fighting in the show like KO One

  • pppppppp

    位甚麼桃子公主 一點都不像公主 T^T 這次選角 ……… 標準 好奇特 他還有大陸口音?!

    • Guest

      I knoo rite n she cant even actt

  • Tony

    man i wish 吳尊 was in this one

    • Duh

      o.O Why? He barely appeared in the first one. And his acting sucks anyway.

  • Mamba

    Definitely feels like KO Two doesn’t have as much cool fighting as to KO one and 三國…
    but it’s still surprisingly good though and i actually didn’t even finish was KO one. lol

    • notthereyet

      I think it’s because Da Dong lost his powers and no one else has fighting skills (besides Ling who only appeared now, that is). There’s rumors that Da Dong will regain his powers soon, though, so there might be more fighting scenes in the next couple of episodes. I do like how they’re focusing more in the story and the relationships, though.

    • Chen

      Honestly I have only finished KO Sango….
      KO One’s computer effects were too backwards, while
      the plot of X-Family becomes illogical halfway through.

  • DomWinchester


    • jli0324

      or 大東接受了讓萬鈞不爽…

    • XxSHINee-RoxyxX

      Or 萬鈞要看看大东可不可以保护king

    • JewelELF


      • tez

        所謂的”汪大東”原本就是這時空的人了! 所以不會有時空秩序問題. 他指是快轉了10年了!

        • JewelELF


  • Fate

    大东牵着King的手走路的那段太美了, 让我感觉的得很甜。音乐很配, 有谁知道那段音乐是什么。

    • 小樂


  • wtfhh


  • guest


  • KING


  • sunset1215

    woots!! can’t wait for monday again!!!

  • Avery

    I’m a female & i’m turning gay for King :O

    • kirara

      King can be pretty and COOL at the same time,, all due to her clothes.. I wish I was fashionable as her.. 🙂

      • Guest


  • wtfhh


  • tian

    廣播室感覺超遠的… lol..
    裘球臉表情好可愛… 😀

  • 桃子公主也没有说很美嘛,我认为雷婷更漂亮 <3

  • Gg

    I really want Calvin Chen and Aaron Yan back. It would have been great if they appeared in season 2. I miss them.

  • sdfasdf

    nothing serious seems to be happening and its already epi 13,,

    • KIKI

      yeah I really miss the fight feeling from KO one!

      • DomWinchester

        To be honest, in the middle of KO One was pretty boring too. The whole love triangle thing among Da Dong, Xiao Yu and that girl.Oh, and the teacher too…

    • Fate

      I’d rather want more scenes of Jiro and King together than fights.

    • jojo548

      Wait. A hot guy just fell out of the sky and you don’t think anything is happening?!

      • Xia-ya

        Yea he is. lol

      • <3

        The hot guy has “power”

      • Guest

        Hess not even tht hot… Hes alriteee

  • sl


  • Weiqi!


  • wtfhh

    oh yah…..ep 13 comes!!!