KO One II Episode 04

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Story takes place after the real Liu Bei returned to the Silver Dimension. When Wang Da Dong was delivering Liu Bei through the inter-dimensional portal, he encountered a timequake and was thrown to ten years in the future. In the future, all the people on the KO ranking have mysteriously disappeared and the class of KO One is now controlled by a girl named King.

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  • hi

    In my opinion, hua ling long’s not THAT ugly, it’s just his blonde hair that makes him look really weird…

  • illusionist


    • wq_

      don’t hate. firstly hating is a sin. you want say me keyboard warrior? Go ahead. Tell you ba, you hate him, you think his face annoying NOBODY CARES K! KEEP YOUR OPINION TO YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Anon

        hate indeed is a sin. When you say nobody cares. Your comment shows that you do. So you can keep your opinion to yourself also.

  • Poppy

    hua ling long’s lips…. I think he’s wearing lip gloss =.=///

  • La827



  • P83923

    花靈龍醜死了 憑什麼當王子阿


  • ZhenZi0525



  • guest

    i miss melody as the teacher >_<"

  • guest

    waaaa, love peici’s hair/fashion sense!!! *fangirls* xD

  • Lala Lang

    I don’t like hua ling long!!!!!!
    DaDong is way too better!!!!!


    The song sounds like what the fuck, the part where it was supposed to be what the fun. HAHA LOL

    • Hh

      u said what i want to say^^

      • Guest

        sounded like what the fuck
        LOL TO THE MAX

  • Guest

    大東真是太可愛了。 >3<

  • Alex

    Gosh, that teacher character is way too insecure.

  • Tmt17130

    Can’t wait 2 c ep 5

  • 花鈴龍真的長的不怎麼樣-  –
    怎麼可以當王子  汪東城帥多了

  • Guest


  • Sandynguyen959715

    no sub

  • Vvvip


    • Larry5610217


  • Pemberly

    If they intend to find a teacher to somewhat replace Melody (Tian Xin) they FAILED. Badly. This one is so much uglier, spoiled, useless, self-centred and most importantly, a really annoying eye sore. 

    • Guest


  • Candy

    ……..奇怪欸!!為啥要把劉一心加進去啊?? 看了很 煩!!!!
    他是怎樣?? 自己出錢給終極一班製作好讓他演出嗎= =??
    理組長眉頭一皺  發現案情並不單純
    肯定有內按= =

  • XinYi

    終極一班2 好好的不行, 偏偏要插进一个劉伊心, 看到她就不爽。。。。 =(

  • O.O

    OMG…It’s Lucas!!! He’s so adorable 🙂

  • DomWinchester


  • guest

    i am really not liking the teacher =__= shes not even that pretty…i like tian xin as the teacher moree 

    • Clanetea

      TOTALLY AGREE. Her personality is annoying as well ……… 

    • guestt

      she’s a bitch..I don’t understand how she’s a teacher, the way she dresses too..she’s spoil selfish and annoying – –

      • guest

        omg yes! What kind of teacher dresses like that!?  at least be relatively modest, even if you’re trying to look good.  It IS possible you know! and oh my God her personality is really awful.  I don’t know if it’s the acting, the script, or intentional, but it really needs to change.  *end rant*

    • Ugly n Pervert

      i dont mind fucking her for fun

  • asdfghjkl

    da dong damn cute.

  • edmundtbw

    WOOT finally out!

  • Agathasalad

    Happy New Year!!!