KO One II Episode 03

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Story takes place after the real Liu Bei returned to the Silver Dimension. When Wang Da Dong was delivering Liu Bei through the inter-dimensional portal, he encountered a timequake and was thrown to ten years in the future. In the future, all the people on the KO ranking have mysteriously disappeared and the class of KO One is now controlled by a girl named King.

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Tipster Rednimer
  • guest

    Anyone know where I can get the girl song in this drama. 

  • Guest


  • ryll

    peici can really act

  • ryll

    dadong freakin cute

  • 婷婷


  • Dorislau3

    May I ask when will episode 4 be uploaded ?

  • huiqi

    this is really awesome:) 我爱大东,好期待第四集哦!

  • Eighhtyfour

    how can you not fall in love with wang da dong instantly <3

  • Guest

    omg the way 大東 says 小中中 <3

  • Hh

    pets pets~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • Ayu


  • Guest

    Can’t wait to c ep 4

  • A831515151210


  • frenlibra

    Shouldnt ep4 be uploaded by now? i cant wait to see it 🙁 also, will episodes be aired tmr and on tuesday since its new year’s eve and new year’s day? 🙂

  • InPartsPlox

    Upload in parts pl0x

  • soguMaster

    what it the name of the ending song ? any1 know ?

    • Yilinn_95

      曾沛慈 – 一个人想着一个人

  • Guest_2013430

    有人有方法能看廣告後面的畫面嗎? 謝謝!

  • Love-tingzxc

    hope that its more than 20 episodes pls! i know that xiaoyu and ya se will not appear.. I think they will just get replacements. >><< ): Hope these new gps of ppl will act well in it. zhong wan jun's acting is not as cui as i expected. good job 🙂

  • Tmt17130

    When ep 4 be uploaded

  • when is this show updating daily?

    • Gelangielol

      airs in taiwan 8pm everyday 😀

    • Anasj

      Monday to Fridays. A few hours later after 9pm. Around 12am?

  • jus asking when is this updating daily?


    搞笑歸搞笑 卻也不失感動 :))

  • guest

    ling ling has to parents or relatives??????

    • guest


  • Guest


  • 终极系列迷

    大东好帅 ~~~ 发型好好看 🙂 

  • Love-tingzxc

    i love the song sung by peici ! 😀

  • guest

    rofl i love Jing Bao San 😛  Dong Ge in the Tent with him…SOOOO CUTE!!!! Jiro’s sooo mature now, not a little kid anymore! (Even though in KO One 1 he was still older than I am now haha)

  • Shan

    Haha, so the anqi is gone too and dadong has forgotten her too. Nice 😀

  • Jckira

    what the fuck happened to the tattoo artist’s face!!?!?!?

    • isaloveu

      the marbles

  • Clanetea

    Monday is new years eve so i’m guessing there will be some special programme ? And then Tuesdays is new years so Maybe we won’t see it until Weds ? 

  • Whepigsfly937


  • Whepigsfly937

    I think this series focus more on tugging hearts then comedy. So far not bad 🙂

    • Ji0324

      You mean they focus on more development of acting skills than just slapstick comedy? I agree… Wan Jun’s acting is rather good for a new actor and I’ve always loved PeiCi.. She was good as a newbie when she played SunXiangXian.. Now her acting a even more mature! I’m so excited to see her development.

  • Whepigsfly937

    But then again feels kinda wierd to see king and dadong since they acted as siblings in Ko3ango…

  • Bb


  • Whepigsfly937

    OMG!!!! The triplets from last time!

  • Whepigsfly937

    That guy tatooing, isn’t he the guy who attacked yase and dadong, then xiaoyu saved them?? haha

  • Clanetea

    续集的好处就是可以用回老根梗 XD 好看!金宝三的那段 so sweet !

  • 0825


  • shermingming

    我覺得大東每一個表情動作都很到位! 成熟多了! 真不愧是老大! =D
    一開始哭的時候笑死我了 XDDDDDD

  • K O One2

    Omg I cried too:'(

  • sunset1215

    ah friday is over.. first time ever i wish the weekends pass faster..

  • Yayyyyy

    i wan the next episode out!!!! HATE TO WAIT MANN! ><

  • Guest


  • Yifan-kee


  • Qiqi774623

    finally~ 🙂

  • Yayyyyy

    Finally Out! 😛