JOJO’s World (我和我的四個男人) Episode 01

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  • Lynn6

    First, thank you so much to the moderator for uploading this new drama .. been eagerly waiting to watch Huang Rende after Good Times! with Tia Lee and Yen-J .. this should be good Sat entertainment!

    • dramaqueen

      I love ❤️ watching the actress again. She has a different role here. Her last drama was really great.

      • Joyce Wu

        Did you mean Ivelyn Lee? She was the one in “Murphy’s Love”, not Tia Lee, which is the main actress in Jojo’s world. Just to clear the confusion!! 🙂 Anyways, I totally agree with you guys. The last drama I’ve watched of Tia Lee was “Fall in Love With Me” co-starring with Aaron Yan in which I enjoyed a lot! I was really impressed with Tia’s improved acting in this current drama, but then again, it may just be because of her character’s personality.

        This is my first time seeing all of these four guys, so I’m really excited to see how their acting goes! My favorites so far are Huang Ren De, Yen-J, and Jason Hsu, haha. I don’t really know the fourth guy yet, so just have to wait and see!

        Really excited to see how this drama turns out 🙂

        • dramaqueen

          You are really good in their names. I love watching “Fall in love with me” and “Murphy’s love.” Great to know that Taiwanese drama production is getting better now. I missed watching all those great artistes. Thanks for your correction.