I Love You So Much Episode 14

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  • phylis

    why does the girl’s voice that came from nick’s phone in the blooper sounds like yumi (by2) hahahahah!

  • Nick’stheBest

    I think Wen Xi and Yu Jie should be together since their love for each other is already so deep at the beginning. Obviously Yu Jie’s heart is at Wen Xi. And Le Di should wake up and look at Shao Feng! She’s so lucky to have a guy like Shao Feng loving her and willing to be by her side forever!!

  • Abc

    to be honest i really hate ledi… i agree with wenxi so much, she has too much, ever since growing up, even after her father failed her life is just so great with JEALOUS by her side, *i guess thats what happens to all main character of the dramas* i think wenxi belongs with yujie and ledi should just go with shaofeng, shes still so snobby and thinks the world revolves around her. why r u pushing yujie so hard for? and her talk about the seriousness of work, PUH-LEASE u are the rich girl who knew nothing about that before when u started the job too, so why are u talking to wenxi like that?
    i hate it when they say love is not forever and only family is forever. that’s just an excuse when u do not love enough. because when u do love a person so much, they become ur family, HELLO?!?! so shaofeng doesnt want to be with ledi forever? no, he does, that is why he wants to keep wenxi as his family because he wants both girls. get over urself, there’s not such thing. it’s one or the other, all or nothing.

  • Dottt

    does anyone know how many episodes there are?..I REALLY WANT XIA LE DI AND NICK TO BE TOGETHER

  • 下樂地好噁

    下樂地去死好不好 拜託

    • Blossom

      Why must Ler Ti die? for the sake of YOU??!!

  • Yayi^^

    nick <3 xia le di 
    blue .< 

  • 5215

    wen xi is evil and immature >:(

  • Asd19903235666

    戲裡面一直幫某首歌打歌 …… @ @ 

    • Stephanie964123


      • Guest


      • Asd1990323

        沒有說不行啊 也沒說打歌犯法啊

        只是台詞裡一直出現    提一下而已這麼激動幹嘛哩~~
        而且我說得應該跟你說的是不同人吧   – – 

  • Guest


  • show

    你如果再囉嗦 我就親你暈倒了

  • Guest

    i smiled like an idiot when i heard show & rainie’s song being played<3 best ost song ever!

    they have the best ost in general i think… it's rare that i would end up liking all the songs in a show 😀

  • Guest

    haha i kinda hope cola will end up with shao feng :”) they look good together and had such a good life before she came back and started everything. but i don’t really like xia le di either… she annoys me -__-” and the show is dragging on… at least it’s ending next ep?

    i’m not enjoying much of the behind-the-scenes for this show because it doesn’t seem like blue and nick are friends at all… but i’m starting to think the producer/company is favouring nick. kinda sucks for blue since he’s supposed to be the main male and the whole vote doesn’t seem fair just because it’s a contest to see who’s more popular really.

    • Lilytansl

      Cos’ Nick is young…..whereby Blue has acted in many dramas before…I feel Nick should be given a chance to prove himself. God Bless Nick!

  • WT1314

    Can u uploads ep15 pls 😉

  • omg blocked. T.T

  • omg blocked. T.T

  • Moonielum

    Ep 14, video blocked. Not able to watch.

  • Yukii82

    Part 5 too..=/

  • Hdgd

    Part 3 too

  • Yukii82

    Cannot view Part 1, got blocked!

  • Hdgd

    Why can’t I watch!!!! 🙁

  • Rebecca

    why is there no episode 15?):

  • Aznmissy

    I want to be in a love rectangle lol 

  • Elryk

    夏熱弟很煩耶 莫名其妙 幹嘛跟汶希搶長與結 少瘋這麼愛他 它還這樣 想要當小三喔

  • Purple

    i like the bloopers/behind the scenes more than the actual episode

  • Guest

    Dragging >.<

  • 999

    PART 1 看不到。。。。.!

  • Eric_bau90

    part 1 cant watch, solve it pls ~

  • Anqi1234

    shaoofennngg! why arent you in my life!!

  • Anqi1234

    lol when they go back in time kinda thing, trying to speak with mainland accent 🙂

  • Divaastromagic

    part 1 can watch on youtube, then the rest watch here 🙂 hope this helps ~

  • Mini1-_-xb


  • Katherine Vilas

    Part 1 can’t watch

  • Angel

    blue acts so well!! actually yu jie is quite poor thing, he wasn’t loved when young so i hope he will be with le di cos she truly loves him!

  • JC

    Wen Xi’s childishness has led to so much unhappiness!  Her appearance has given so much burden to Yu Jie.  He looks so lonely sitting in front of his father’s grave….  I was wishing Le Di could go over & give him a hug!….. and she did later on!  Shao Feng is such a nice guy too.  Both guys also willing to sacrifice for her…  How lucky, but hard to choose.

  • Pearl

    lol people are always dissing on the evil female character XD

  • Sandy

    天阿  你如果再囉嗦.. 我就親你 好期待下一集~ 太讚了

  • kk

    不喜欢part 2 and part 4的播放器, 那个嘴型跟字都不是同个时间出现的。。。

  • 倪兒

    夏樂蒂跟常少風 汶晞跟常宇傑

  • Hww

    為什麼女二很像劉曉億   而且很像變胖很多

    • Guest


  • ME

    其實以前的汶希真的很好,下一集她都想起來了,我倒希望她會跟yu jie在一起!汶希以前為他可以連命都不要耶!他們以前是這麼深愛對方,現在因為夏樂蒂出現就不愛汶希了嗎?!

  • Aigoo

    This drama is starting to drag…the writers are purposely having Cola and Lisa start stupid drama to drag out the whole realization of true love between Shao Feng, Yu Jie, and Le Di. Kinda annoying.

  • yayi


  • Purple

    ..nick is so hot

  • Lola

    Yu jie is good for xia le di
    But shao feng is the best for xia le di
    She’s such a gentleman n he’s always protecting her !
    Why she can’t open her stupid eyes !

    • JC

      This is why they called “Love is Blind”!…  lol..
      We are seeing the kindness of Shao Feng now, but most of us has forgotten Yu Jie did the same for Le Di in the earlier parts of drama when Le Di was in love in Shao Feng. 

    • Guest

      she did. she likes shao feng but he’s not returning her love, so to grant him his happiness, she wants to help him get together with le di

  • WT1314


  • WenTing

    I wish Them together <3

  • Fey

    OMG wen xi!!!! can’t wait for the next ep… ^^

  • fey


  • Blossom

    Cola is up to no good; since she can’t have Yee Chiat, she advise Nick to win Ler-Ti’s heart…just to get even! 🙁

  • wteva


    • guest

      but the stuff like lying about rice is something that can be accepted when fighting for love… in addition cola could have chosen not to lie…….
      however we’re talking about her possibility GOING TO JAIL!!

      • Gucci


  • Ck2003911


  • Guest

    cola你可不可以走開啊 真的是他媽的討厭

  • Guest

    omg cant wait for the next ep!

  • Kirara

    Omg..  Nick.. you are killing me… Every single time, you are such a gentleman.. why are you so nice even if you don’t need to be????? 😀

  • Guest


  • 汶希心機好重~看了就討厭

  • Momoka


  • Kelvin_nguyen0703

    cola disgusts me

  • Serenalin16

    Cant watch part 2 & 4 :(((((((((((((

  • guest

    part 2 and 4 arent working… >__<

    • Kirara

      is it just me or i’m having trouble with Part 5 too?? (the screen is not moving while the sound is..)

  • Lynn2324tammy

    thanks for uploading

  • kike

    first one yay

  • guest