I Love You So Much Episode 09

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  • JWC

    The hitting scene is where Jiro (汪東城) 拍攝絕對達的場地!

  • jojo

    i think nick looks like kevin cheng (HK 鄭嘉穎)

  • awuehfa;wio

    if it is stopping so frequently for me, it there something i can do?

  • 大愛周湯豪&LPF&JPM<3


    • 大愛周湯豪&LPF<3

      周湯豪拍打戲 辛苦了:( 受傷我好心疼哦!!

  • Tiffany


  • Tiffany


  • Tiffany


  • love_show


    • Tiffany


  • Guest

    Wish nick was the lead actor. I feel like blue’s acting seems indifferent from his other dramas….=.=

    • CC


  • XD


    • 大愛周湯豪&LPF<3


  • Mini1-_-xb


  • Al-ling

    nick was damn handsome…so like him in this drama…y nick not be the lead actor…then must be damn nice….

  • Longingforruby

    這是一劇唯一會讓我感動的一劇 大家加油喔

  • Lonelyhui_95

    cnt wait for the next ep!!!!

  • Jessie-ay

    whats the name of the song at 2:27 ? 

  • guest

    why dint they just try to stop the gas from leaking instead of covering their noses…

    • dramaluverxox123

      HAHAHAHAHA I know right???? Stupid much?



  • Ansoncheungks

    Can’t wait!!

  • Venessa0116


  • Jo_cheng91

    i can’t help but LOL when hearing the “hitting” sound effect, it sounds so fake XD 

  • Suolaej

    Yu Jie is such a loveable charcter.  So cool on the outside, but such a nice man on the inside!  Shud be interesting to see 2 brothers fighting for the same girl next week, but seeing Yu Jie so nice, he will sure gv up…  I can’t wait for next week!

  • wennz

    oh my godddddd!!! shao feng and yi jie loves le di! 😀

    good show next week! can’t waitttttttttt! arghhh >_<

  • Guest


    • Z Shuyan

      你说得对 可是你不觉得通常女主角都是善良还有什么什么的吗 他是第一个任性又无知的女主角 不觉得很有新鲜感吗?

    • Guest

      我想男人都比較愛這款的吧 現在誰會愛乖乖女?

  • Jennifer Cui

    “你那麼大年紀也要英雄救美啊” hahahahahahahah

  • Haha18


  • GG


    • Fgtty

      去看sex city 吧

    • Tiffany


  • VV

    Such an intense episode! Blue is awesome!! I’m liking his character (and him of course) more and more! Can’t wait till the next episode….ahh he’s gonna find out 蠢男 is still alive  x_x …..but he already has so much feeling for LeDi!! This drama definitely deserves better rating!!!! 

  • GG

    李佳颖我记得她以前都不演这种偶像剧的 这个剧本真的好无语啊

    • VV

      Don’t need to take it so seriously! The storyline may be a bit unreasonable in certain parts, but the acting and the chemistry between actors are great…making it quite enjoyable to watch!!!   

      • GG

        well maybe she has really limited choice of scripts, given this is one and 料理情人梦being on the top of her options, how poor the rest could be ! i dont want her to be like 王心凌 OMFG

  • GG

    this show has good actors and i like the actress li jia yin yet the story is just bad and lame

  • i feel like NIck’s acting isn’t really up to par yet,
    yes he’s suppose to be angry because she ruined his mother’s last wishes,
    but he’s suppose to have liked/loved her
    he should be more confused about his feelings rather than being so heartless…..

    • jessie

      yea he shud be angry but at the same time very conflicted…cant just really call the police like that =.=

    • CC

      Agreed, though I think the script/plot didn’t really describe/depict shao feng’s feelings either.

  • Meh

    Gosh Blue so sweet at the end! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh can’t wait what he’s gonna do next to Le Di! 😀

    • Bea

      i totally agree!! he is a good actor! he doesn’t complain when acting difficult scenes. love the behind camera/private scenes of him at the end of each episodes!

  • 123

    i dont really 樂蒂, she is still acting like a bitch….

  • Guest

    Can anybody help me ?
    Is there another website that I can watch this drama ?

  • Blossom

    At least Ler Ti has learned that life is not a bed full of roses!! 🙂

  • Blossom

    Ler Ti has learned that life is not a bed of roses…………:-)

  • Loveinanime1


  • Anonymous

    Yay for the video! Now we’ll have to wait for another week! ;(

  • Asd19903235666

    PART4毛弟那段笑死我了 :DDDD


  • Pearl

    i luv how they are making the show in the direction i predicted w/ everyone aiming to protect le di

  • 悅婷 陳


  • Pearl

    lost grandpa again?

  • Pearl

    nice backwards shot on the basketball lol

  • Juice

    Can’t wait for next episode! 😀

    • Kirara

      AGHHHHHHHH OMG.. IT WAS GETTING SOO GOOD AND THEY CUT ME OFF!! and Now I have to wait for next week for the battle to Begin!!!! aaaHH!!!! 

      But I have to say today was BY FAR the best episode.. You can tell how much each person cares about Le Di.. I was so touched and was gonna cry when each of them said that whatever happens they are here for her..:D 

  • Mabel

    yay! 😀

  • devon1989


  • Kirara

    Yay.. i get to enjoy this early as the first viewer! 🙂 

    • Kirara

      OMG… this is so touching and painful, I want to cry…. 🙁 

      • Kirara

        awwww.. MAO DI!!!  You are just too sweet!! 🙁