I Love You So Much Episode 05

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  • Michelle yan


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  • F鬼迷


  • gifts

    i dont understand what happened with wen xi, and why was he a musician and then the hua zhuang shi

  • Guest

    what did she drop at the chicken place?

  • sydlala

    HAHAHAHAHAH the eggs float down and crack over her

  • Guest

    should that be la prairie? la prairie is from switzerland though…

    • Gohnat

      they cant use the real school i think. copyrighted?

  • User01

    i feel so sorry for ah mei..why does she have to do all these things for her? if she’s guna change and go through the tough phase, she shouldn’t push all these onto others stil..so freaking irresponsible it annoys me =.=

  • Kate Lin

    妳有沒有肥胖紋阿?? LOL!!! 哈哈哈

  • Charlyne He


  • Chloe


    • Ying Fang


  • Guest


  • Junkee4u

    Nick Chou love u!!!

  • Hello Alviony

    cant see part 4!!>.<

  • RI


  • Anson

    Love it<3

  • Guest


    • 213213124

       friendship?  friendship don’t exist with people looking down on you like that.  she was a bitch, and now she is getting what she deserves, except i think she deserve even worse.

    • Chloe


  • Tiffanyleung


  • Complicated yet nice story ! ♥

  • lll

    where can we get the heart shape jealous brushes?!

    • 台北金石堂書店

  • ki

    shao feng is handsome assssss hell man!! i want the guys like him,, omgg, fall in love with him man!!!!!!!!

    • nick <3

      me 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  TAT

  • nick <3

    少风好帅!!!! love u!

  • FSDF


  • Anonymous

    哈哈,毛弟在街頭買JPM 的demo XD

  • Jinelva2

    part 5 doesnt work… 🙁

  • Loveanimeever

    It seems like Shao Feng is then the “bad guy” Le Di is looking for. XO

  • Loveanimeever

    I’m starting to love the osts more and more! <3

  • Pinky

    finally out!! <3