Drama Go Go Go Episode 10

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Woman in her 30s gets romantically involved with three men who are at different ages. One is in his 40s, another in his 30s, and yet another in his 20s.

Drama Go Go Go is a romantic comedy that centers on the messy, but sweetly satisfying romantic life of 30-year-old female scriptwriter Wang Ming Ming. During a writer’s block, She crushes on the lead singer of the no longer popular duo HE, an idol by the name of Eason. On a whim, Ming Ming decides that Eason will be the perfect candidate for the lead role of her drama. And he and his manager is eager to take it to increase his waning popularity. Except Eason is quite possibly a terrible actor, and pretty soon is in danger of getting written off the drama when the lead actress threatens to quit. To ensure he doesn’t get written off, he starts trying to seduce Min Min, hoping that by dating the screenwriter he can stay on the drama.

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Tipster Rednimer
  • Guest

    why would pei ni keep asking if he has a girlfriend? none of your business. cheap slut

    • Guest

      I think when someone asks about this to another person… that means he/her is interested in that person

  • Guest

    pei ni is such an annoying bitch!!! who goes n destroys someone else’s faucet while staying as a guest?! wtf. 

    • GUEST

      It’s not like she did it on purpose….

  • Miriam

    eason is too straighforward. he talks without processing it first in his brain. that way, he is giving some different kind of impression to pei-ni.
    like: 1) in the olden times, if a man sees a woman “naked”(he is referring physically naked BUT in this scene, she is not physically naked but emotionally naked(vulnerable), he is to wed her” 2) if i were rich to build a better house, i would INVITE you again”……these words would imply to pei-ni that he is INTERESTED in her when actually
    eason doesn’t have any HIDDEN meanings at all and is only talking as one would to a FRIEND.

    • Guest

      yeah he sends way too much of that kind of messages… I think pei ni would fall in love soon (sadness

  • Miriam

    i want him to tell ming ming that pei ni is at his home that’s why he comes to sleep over at mingming’s. he should not keep the truth from her.

    • Guest

      haha this should be discover later… conflict of the drama or something

    • Sophia

       At least he made an attempt to stay at Ming Ming’s house, instead of just staying in the same house as Pei Ni. Also, although I don’t agree with him not telling Ming Ming, I understand why because he’s made a promise to a friend. That said, Ming Ming would never tell anyone Pei Ni is at his house if she knew.