An Innocent Mistake Episode 15

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Story began 18 years ago when Man Qing was adopted by three women. They poured their love into her. But their love can’t stop her from wanting to know about father or protect her from the hypocrisy in life. Man Qing left her mothers to find a different kind of love.

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Tipster Rednimer
  • pearl

    i don’t like how they closed up on his warts and moles =.=””

  • luvdrama


  • ds

    感覺這種素質比較高的節目 都比較少人在對罵 真好



  • 搞什麼== 聲音…..

  • 這一集讓我的眼淚流不停。 這部劇太棒了,不管是編劇還是導演及演員都無話可說。 看過的偶像劇裏佳品之一。 愛是什麼?。 如何去愛?。 顯示內心世界的爭扎及黑暗卻又讓人看到了光明。 好喜歡。 可惜快結束了。

  • Winny


  • Guest

    next ep looks dramatic!