An Innocent Mistake Episode 10 fixed

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Story began 18 years ago when Man Qing was adopted by three women. They poured their love into her. But their love can’t stop her from wanting to know about father or protect her from the hypocrisy in life. Man Qing left her mothers to find a different kind of love.

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Tipster Rednimer
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  • 第十集part2被消音了

  • whoa

    holy shit just discovered this show and it’s addictive like wow

  • Jasmine


  • Fia

    又要等下個禮拜了 🙁

  • Asterix

    I am abit confuse is she in love with that yu an’s father da Shan?

    • bob

      no she treats him like a perfect father but da shan likes the girl becoz she reminds him of his first wife

  • guest


  • guest


  • kxlwvss

    那不是愛…..那就不要再耍 予恩了阿 在那裡裝什麼 成熟阿 喜歡大叔 就講阿 孬什麼?

  • Ann

    Part2 5分鐘左右有一段沒聲音

  • Do

    我本來還要說這劇有點慢 有點拖。。天哪 等到part5 整個超激情 超高潮迭起唉!前面的所有鋪墊 細節表述 就是要等到这個點全部爆發!
    好感動 又有點upset 眼淚漫眼眶 T T

  • fddsfv

    fix the sound faster ~~

    • guest

      on the youtube hosting page of part 2, it says “This video previously contained a copyrighted audio track. Due to a claim by a copyright holder, the audio track has been muted.” so it’s youtube not the uploader.

  • DaMa

    I can not watch anymore. Where is the conscience of the father? Where is the conscience of the high school girl? Do you really call that relationship “true love”?

    • sp

      why so harsh? there’s nothing wrong with them. The father is trying to control his feelings. The girl looks up to him, enjoy his company but that feeling is not a romantic one.

  • k66

    ㄎㄎ 沒聲音 我還是看了很感動

  • samanrha

    fix sound later…好任性ㄉ板主ㄛLOLLㄎㄎ


    謝謝!! 雖然沒有聲音但我願意等! 哈哈 板主感謝你喔

  • sssss