To the Dearest Intruder (致, 第三者) Episode 09

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15 thoughts on “To the Dearest Intruder (致, 第三者) Episode 09

  1. spoiler, spoiler, spoiler

    Don’t read this if you don’t want to be spoiler by next week episode.

    If anyone saw the preview for next week on “To the Dearest Intruder” on their facebook page.

    It look like YH & JE finally getting a divorce and she move out of the house.

  2. How could anyone feel bad for SQ. She the one that cause all of these mess between her and JE and YH. She the selfish one. If she didn’t leave and stay and fight for YH maybe right now we might have a different storyline and maybe Je maybe happy with their friendship but no Qq ran off and came back to steal YH back because she wasn’t happy with her life.

    I feel bad for JE the most. She was betray by two good people she care the most. They lies to her and and stab her in the back. She took her friend into her house and this is what she get. A slap in the face. She help YH at his company even when he lost his memory.

    If YH and SQ so badly wanted to be together they should have told JE up froth and said how they feel and why YH wanted a divorce so JE know so she can move on and not be like this. YH is so dumb he doesn’t even care for JE even in this episode he all over SQ and not even worried about JE, Doesn’t he know JE feel paint too. Not just SQ.

    I hope the writer give JE now make JE a strong person and let her move on from this hold mess and have her live the life she always wanted and move far away from those two people that have hurt her the most.

  3. have been waiting for this episode. for her to find out. and for the confrontation haha. but its absolutely heartbreaking. :'( i feel so sad for Jia An. She really didnt deserve any of these. Shao Qing is very very very self centred and a horrible person.

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