To the Dearest Intruder (致, 第三者) Episode 04

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4 thoughts on “To the Dearest Intruder (致, 第三者) Episode 04

  1. 其实严浩和绍青都是经过一番心里挣扎后才决定要在一起的。

  2. In the beginning i don’t think SQ is the third party becoz they both like each other and YH did not confess to XA , but after SQ left and returned , it is a different story now. She shouldn’t have left him at the beginning … but this was what this drama is all about ….the intruder ^^

  3. Shaoqing is getting quite arrogant .. did not like the way she told off the other manager and said that the only one remaining by YH’s side one day is HER!!!

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