Spring Love (美人龍湯) Episode 08

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14 thoughts on “Spring Love (美人龍湯) Episode 08

  1. lol 老涂说:“这些王八蛋被我抓到的话,我一定要逼他们泡汤,然后换我们在旁边偷窥。”

  2. sorry for always asking, but would it be possible to load this show in hd? like in episode 2. so much easier on the eyes. thank you so much if it can be done =)

    • sorry for always asking too, but would it be possible to load this show in 3D? so much easier on the eyes. thank you so much if it can be done =)

  3. 賀軍翔真的很帥!
    But he should be more wise picking projects. I like this show just for the fact that it’s a fluffy brainless cute drama…with 賀軍翔.

    • Quite difficult for him because he has been type casted since the success of devil beside you. But I think in every show he does make it a point to clearly differentiate his characters. This time in spring love, if you looked carefully, some intricate details lie in the seemingly-similar-but-actually-different voices and expressions of LT and TH. His crying scenes has improved too.

      Just my two cents’ worth 🙂

      • Oh no, I am not harping his acting at all. In fact, I think his acting is not bad. What I am saying is that he should pick better projects. As far as we’re concern, this is just another bad drama with low rating under his belt which does not add any credential to his resume.
        With that said, I must say that I do enjoy this drama, I just don’t think it’s thoughtful, challenging, or well-written. It is, as I’ve said, a fluffy bubblegum drama, and I say this with affection for both Mike He and Da Yuan.

        • Haha I do agree with you. It seems like he’s always stuck in the bubblegum idol drama which propelled him to fame in the first place. Now it kind of becomes a “curse” huh. I actually would love to see him in movies like monga or some historical drama which shows more of his manliness than his Prince Charming side. Hoping that after he comes back from army he can take on projects like that! In the meanwhile, lets enjoy his handsome face in this one haha 🙂

          • I think it is a curse because TW drama doesn’t have the punch it used to. Either TW dramas are getting increasingly bad or viewer standard is spoiled by other better options (say, Korean). So for Mike He, it seems like he is stuck in thing that is gradually losing its luster. Doesn’t help that he has quite a bit of bad ones in recent years, like Mei Le, Go.
            It seems like TW dramas will never recreate the frenzy it enjoyed from oldies like Meteor Garden, Prince Turned Into Frog, Devil Beside You, Fated to Love You, It Started with a Kiss and the likes. Though, some enjoyable, much of TW dramas of recent year are forgettable. Just feels like TW idol dramas is a dying breed.

            I went tangent, and that is all to say, I hope Mike He dramas are better in terms of quality and get rating ratings, he deserves the recognition.

        • oh i think u guys should go & watch his china drama infernal lover! he was definitely no prince charming & he was so hot in there! i havent been amazed with much of his characters after devil beside you, but i adored the one in infernal lover 🙂

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