Rock N’ Road (A咖的路) Episode 05

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Tipster Rednimer

13 thoughts on “Rock N’ Road (A咖的路) Episode 05

  1. You guys if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it I’m just saying please don’t post any mean comment,and I’m just saying.

          • 對,而且劇中的人也不喜歡這樣性格的人(看書宇頻翻白眼,哈哈)也就是說劇本是有意識的要朔造一個不去深入了解前會覺得很不討喜的角色。但我也很期代這個角色日後的成長。

      • that’s what the script said…it can’t be help LOL..
        if u look at the female actress like her real side…is totally different from what she’s like in this drama i’m impress haha XD

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