The Pursuit of Happiness (愛的生存之道) Episode 10

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20 thoughts on “The Pursuit of Happiness (愛的生存之道) Episode 10

  1. I love this show! The leads fit the part, and yes, I see traces of Winnie Chu’s In time with you (yet not entirely replicating it) with the thematic style and narration of the voices in the characters’ heads. Think the sexual tension was there right from when Yi Kang started to be physical with Ji an lei (albeit innocently), when he held her hands tighter around his waist while driving her back on the motorcycle. The love scene was full of unbridled passion! These past few eps were strong because the 2nd leads weren’t in focus; I sure hope their story doesn’t further spiral into a second love triangle with that Peter dude – id be so bored!

    As for this mysterious Lulu, I think the trailers are misleading cos Yi Kang looks a little drunk (again). Haha

  2. Huang Yee Kang is “almost” pouring his heart out through his facial expression …! Yes, Tony Yang is getting better and better with his acting

  3. They’ve been suppressing feelings for each other for so long, that it suddenly exploded. LOL! All I was thinking is the term CHE1 CHUAN2 TSU2 (“car bed group”)

  4. Whoa whoa whoa, what just happened!? This perfectly unexpected yet logical and intelligent!

    I have a bad feeling about the next episode though. It has been an intelligent, subversive romance up until now, but next episode features the no.2 leads and I honestly have no idea why they have to be in the storyline anymore. They are supposed to be just the premise. Who is Lulu and why does she has to be there? I still have a slight hope though, because the trailers always cheapens the drama – they try to market this drama as a stereotypical Taiwan romantic cliche (He Wei Ting jealous of Ji An Lei’s boyfriend for example), so I hope this is the case too. I hope the writers kept up the good job.

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