Prince Of Wolf (狼王子) Episode 05

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4 thoughts on “Prince Of Wolf (狼王子) Episode 05

  1. I think what I want to discuss here is something other than ZM and his uncle.
    is it only me who notice that
    1) MiMi – In this ep, story has become suddenly reveal abit on her health problem, its like to let the audience know she wud kinda have a serious health issue at the end of the day.
    2) Senior HaoWei – the scene where the uncle passby when ZM and him having cycling competition, he said: isn’t this the fate, whereby they both have to be connected each other. ?? whats that supposed to mean, seems like the story revealing Senior HaoWei hidden identity? or something secret behind.

  2. I think ZM’s kindness may soften his uncle’s heart unless power is so important to him. I was hoping that ZM’s mother will spot some semblance from the face or perhaps some marks/spots but not yet …

  3. How evil the uncle can be. Coming so close to 澤明 while in the photocopying room yet can pretend he doesn’t know 澤明.

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