Prince Of Wolf (狼王子) Episode 02

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12 thoughts on “Prince Of Wolf (狼王子) Episode 02

  1. TV Show 原來愛·就是甜蜜 ( 2012), 楊謹華 = 田如蜜

    TV Show 狼王子 (2016), 安心亞 = 田蜜蜜

    The name the used is very close.

  2. the main actress a bit retard / slow 智障 why doesn’t she tell the friend in the first place she knows 澤明 and he meant no harm.

  3. WTF She already said stop fighting and don’t hit him anymore. Jeez her life is not in any danger why is attacking him needed and what is wrong with this story plot.

  4. 澤明 – this name so similar to the name given to Kingone’s character who loves mountain trekking in The Day I Lost You .. the mum is also the same actress .. so coincidental!!

    • actually, the mother was another actress. but good observation on the name. seems like they are running out of name, since you hear the same names used in different dramas. but then again, eventually you’ll end up running into same names

  5. I find the part where her friends were attacking him so stupid…. I dont get why she was so helpless she couldve stopped them by yelling or telling them earlier hes her friend but shes just there letting them attack him…..

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