Pleasantly Surprised (喜歡·一個人) Episode 14

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「兩個人不會更好,所以我喜歡一個人」,這一直是杜凱琪深信不疑的信念,不管媽媽怎麼勸她,她都不為所動, 因為對凱琪而言,男人不會比媽媽還重要。兩個人在一起,我還要顧慮他的感受、遷就他,這是何必呢? 所以凱琪除了家人之外,最重要的就是做料理跟漫畫!兩件自己去做比兩個人做還開心的事。

傅子杰,一個低調不願出名卻擁有精湛手藝的法式廚師,總是能觀察到別人的心思,用最舒服的方式與人相處。 卻因為哥哥的不諒解,選擇自己到法國獨立生活。


為了滿足爸爸的願望,子杰從法國回來,答應在自家法式餐廳Figaro Cuisine 隱藏身分實習一個月,沒想到竟然意外在餐廳看到小時候就認識的杜凱琪?!凱琪也漸漸發現只要這個傅子杰在身邊,情緒總是受子杰影響,不像以前的自己!不過讓凱琪興奮的一件事是,她在一次尋找食材的過程中發現快要找到那位她一直很崇拜的主廚Louis,只是,種種線索都將Louis指向傅子杰,凱琪驚覺,難道我一直崇拜的對象…會是傅子杰嗎?!

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15 thoughts on “Pleasantly Surprised (喜歡·一個人) Episode 14

  1. Kaichi is really “fierce”, she is the only that dares tells Ah Jie’s brother off.. indeed the brother is too selfish. Even if Ah Jie is recognised for his culinary skills in Taiwan, does not mean that the father’s business has to be managed by him

  2. is it just me that feels the main lead actor is not good at acting? he has limited facial expressions. watching him the first few episodes were tolerable but reaching to this stage of the episodes is quite a pain to watch him any further. he should brush up on his acting skills!

  3. I am in love with the progression!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Right amount of angst for the viewers but not too much to drag! 阿杰要bobo的時候好可愛喔!!!

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