Oh! Marriage! S02 (加油喜事 加油愛情) Episode 023

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私交甚篤情感甚佳的二家人和二個姐妹淘好閨蜜,在一次小事中發生爭執誤解,彼此因而產生嫌隙,從此變成冤家,不相往來與聯繫。 時隔多年後,當二家的子女逐漸成年,直到有天歡喜的各自宣布即將結婚的喜訊時,雙方家長才發現原來所謂的親家是「冤家」,頓時,過往的舊仇與新恨全部湧現出來,儼然,一場「家庭革命」正悄然在二家掀開,究竟這二家是否能從「冤家」變成「親家」,而這對戀人們又是否能追求屬於自己的幸福呢?

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  1. Hi I like watching the drama from this platform and have been watching Oh Marriage S2 daily but since Monday, I cannot watch as my browser keep shutting it down saying that the site is infected with URL Blacklist. Anyway to fix this on your end? I tried Chrome and Mozilla also the same. I normally use MS Edge. Thank you

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