Moon River (明若曉溪) Episode 20

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17 thoughts on “Moon River (明若曉溪) Episode 20

  1. Guys, Next Wednesday 14th October I’ll promise to upload 6 episodes :)!
    Reply to me on the 12th of October. dont make me change my mind!

  2. Oh btw Stay happy user, Every Wednesday and Thursday there are 2 episodes so basically 4 episodes each week.

    Regards, Director of Moon River
    P.S My daughter knows English so she’s typing 🙂

    • okay can lel. but just to comment, director of moon river won’t even bother leaving a comment here. directors usually just post on the official website regarding these stuffs. (:

  3. guys, do you know why episode 17 doesn’t work?
    by the way, Can watch Moon river on iPod?
    Anyways, episode 20 was really sad 🙁 All coco’s fault

  4. Liu bing is so selfish. Initially i was rooting for him and xiao xi but now i really think that xiao xi deserves someone better! She had every right to stay angry but it felt like she was being deceived time and again. Probably not gonna happen but it would be so great if there was a plot twist and she just forget about him, treasure herself more and work hard towards her own goal?XD

  5. I wanted to cry too when XX was crying.. it made me so sad. I felt her pain and unhappiness. I get that LB wants to strive for his dream and go to US with KK but still.. this is messy.

    I’m glad that Ice Prince is here to save the day and rescue XX. 🙂

  6. Wow this drama is so good!! ? I feel sorry for Xaoi Yi,he really loves the guy,,They already in relationship but the other girl, comes..does sh had bad intention for Xaoi Yi and the guy..I hope their not gonna break up. When is the episode 21??

  7. Liu Bing will come for XIAO XI in the club…the episodes are getting deeper and now we will know why Liu Bing dislike the TIE TREE…Im sad for LIU BING and XIAO XI but i know after all that happend to them their relationship will be getting stronger because they love each other…yeahhh Ajahhh Liu Bing/Xia Xi…

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