Marry or Not (結婚好嗎) Episode 34

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6 thoughts on “Marry or Not (結婚好嗎) Episode 34

  1. XiZuan’s father is not remorseful! He is a faithless man! He did wrong by his wife by not fulfilling her last wish to see her at her deathbed instead he explained that he tried?! How hard could it have been for him to get to the hospital?! It was not as if she was living in the North Pole! His lame explanation to ZiXuan that he had given all his love to YiFei’s mom and had nothing left for his mom was pathetic. He was just a pathetic cheater! He didn’t love YiFei’s mom enough to stay with her or to keep faithful to her – he married XiZuan’s mom with little capacity to love her (by his own words) and then he betrays his marriage to repursue YiFei’s mom when his wife is sick?! Then now he wants to try to redeem the current situation with YaZhen’s grandma by closing his restaurant and emigrating? Shouldnt he be begging YaZhen’s grandma for forgiveness everyday til she forgives him instead of coming up with lame ideas? What a stupid man!

    Now YiFei’s mom get knocked down by a truck? Is this supposed to be her ‘punishment’ for intruding into the marriage? Absolute nonsense! If we really had to have an accident in this drama it should involve ZiXuan’s father being run over by a dump truck- that would resolve all issues.

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