Love Family (有愛一家人) Episode 70

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29 thoughts on “Love Family (有愛一家人) Episode 70

  1. 真他媽的狗屁偶像劇,鼓勵婚前性交不說,還標榜亂棄始終為愛的表現,台灣真的道德淪喪到這種地步? 罷看

  2. –Deleted the first lign.

    SR is really terrible, seriously that‘s way too much, not that he has the disease already but even if he gonna have it, there‘s still the big quesion : WHEN ? He might have it in 5y or 10 or 15…. like what YA ‘s mom said when talking to her husband. “There still is half of the water and not only half of the water in the glass.”
    He is too focused on that damn so call disease and don’t see things as clear as possible. Step out a little bit for a better PoV.

    I think maybe because he is playing a businessman role that he takes everything in the bad side. Because he has to constantly take risks. And to evaluate any risk for things to work, he has to think about ” if anything bad happen”. I think this made up his resolution in problems.

    I really want to know how the scripts writter gonna turn this into a happy ending. Probably gonna rush it with 2ep left. Looking forward for a wedding also even if it’s YY and LS.

    • Good point, Dot! I still want You Ai and Shen Ren’s wedding. Been waiting for it like forever, lol. I just hope the writer will give us a good ending.

    • For those who are interested : Alzheimer‘s Disease is an autosomal dominance pattern inheritance. It does mean that it only need one muted or affected allele (we have 2) for genes that may affect the development of the disease. It also means that if you have the disease you have either one affected allele or 2. And if you don’t have the disease you need your 2 alleles to be unafected.

      It does mean that for SR to have the disease he need either his mom or his father to have the disease. If his father has not antecedent of the disease, and do not show signs in the early alzheimer age, and if his mother do not show signs also there is really no chance for SR to develop the disease through inheritance.

      Also need to mention, SR mother side Grand father or grand mother might be suffering from the disease to justify that his uncle inheritate the disease.

      Conception : for autosomal dominant pattern
      D for dominant and R for recessive
      If one parent has DR and the other parent has RR
      They have 50% chance to make an affected baby.

      If one parent has DD (only possible if his both parents are affected) and the other parent has RR
      They have 100% chance to make an affected baby.

      If both parents has DR. 3/4 chance to make an affected baby.

  3. This is so frustrating!! Yes, Shen Ren doesn’t want to give You Ai the burden if he gets the disease but who knows if it will happen. If You Ai had the chance to get the same disease or chance that something horrible might happen to her, does that mean you, Shen Ren, is going to leave her? NO!! You would want to stay with her even more. The world might end tomorrow, are you going to tell everyone to die to shorten the pain? NO! You keep living and make every moment the best it can be.

    • I’m just as frustrated as you are!!! As if he knows what’s gonna happen tomorrow! Instead of turning it around, he’s making his life difficult to live:)

  4. stupid coward wan shen ren. did he ever find out wht is alzheimer. it is not necessary for hime to get the disease. how come his mom never get. he is a coward and immature guy with lack of responsibility.

  5. So bascially, Shengren wanted to get out of her life because he got the congenital genetic disease. When he knew that she was pregnant. He wanted to take away the baby once hes born and give him a better environment since the baby has 50% chance of congenital genetic disease. He didn’t want Ai to raise the child. Therefore he talked with Ai for couple times . Ai didn’t want to give him the baby and she wanted to marry shengren. Shengren hurted her deeper everytime. He talked with her on the last part and gave her a contract of all the benefits Ai can get after she give him the baby or they may go into the court. Of course, Ai won’t give up the baby so she said she can stop the baby to come to this world to face those cruel reality. I think shes going to kill the baby but they didn’t say it

    • Thank you so much Peter for translating it for us. Ughh. Now that I understand it, I just want to hit Sheng Ren. I understand why he’s doing this, but it’s too much already. How are they going to fix this with 2 episodes left. I still want a happy ending though. 🙁


  6. Also why is sgengren doing this i know he loves you ai then why does he not want to mary you ai sorry i cant understsndmandarin but i love this drama ty

  7. this show doesn’t make any sense, I know he worry about her so he left her but it won’t help if he kept hurting her. He even want to her to give up her baby which he should know she won’t do it for sure. Anyway, it just doesn’t make any sense for a loving and smart guy to do something so stupid.

    • He just too smart , He knew what’s going to happen next. The baby has 50% chance of the disease. He doesn’t want her to face these stuff. He prefer giving her the short term pain instead of the long one. Since he loved her so much and hes also hurting himself everytime he tried to hurt Ai. Its logical but i think it will only happen in drama

      • I would say its a stupid and cruel move. What kind of mum willing to give up their child? By taking her child, it doesn’t mean she will forget him and the baby. She might go insane and mental. The only smart thing he could do is giving her an honour by marrying her. I understand about short term pain but circumstance has changed. Wake up ShengRen! Stop being pessimist!

    • I think hes smart. He knew what’s going to be happen since the baby has 50% chance of disease. He doesn’t want her to raise the baby and face those cruel stuff. He prefer giving her the short term pain instead of the long ones. Also, he hurts himself everytime he tried to hurt Ai. He Loved her so much so he makes the best decision for her. It may not happen in real life. Its logical and always happen in a drama

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