Love Family (有愛一家人) Episode 68

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6 thoughts on “Love Family (有愛一家人) Episode 68

  1. Something I wanted to say about You Ai, I think she has overestimated her capabilities to take care someone who is suffering a mental disease. Human are lazy by nature, because our ancestors are lazy asses. This is called Conservation of Energy. Because we have just so much energy to do so much thing. When you have constantly so much things to do, you will break out, and stop doing anything. That’s why when we are constantly being tired, our humour is bad. And we start hating things that we may once love because it’s taking us so much energy. The question is how long can she be able to keep loving someone who doesn’t remember her and taking so much of her energy.
    I think the script is poor at this point.

    • Hell ya,
      This story has a good side and also a bad side if we take it differently.
      Some will think, what if we break up and had before an unprotected sex, then this gonna encourage people using condoms.

      But the others will also think, (because most dramas end with happy ending) maybe not using condoms and get pregnant is a good way to get back together with the one you love. (Foolish people believe that unprotected sex also means true love).

    • This actually remind me of 真愛找麻煩 Inborn Pair (Starring 宥勝 –> same male lead and 陳庭妮), where it’s the husband who had the signs of pregnancy when the female lead is pregnant.
      And here i guess it‘s YY with those signs but it’s You Ai who‘s pregnant.

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