Love Family (有愛一家人) Episode 67

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7 thoughts on “Love Family (有愛一家人) Episode 67

    • In short, You Ai signed the agreement which force her to divorce if ever SR shows alzheimer’s symptoms. And SR asked YA if His disease take the high ground, will she really leave him. And YA said Yes. Then SR asked her not to lie. And she didn’t respond. Because SR‘s memory gonna get worse, he might forget that YA is supposed to leave him. And SR asked them to respect his decisions and not decide for him then he left saying he would find his own way.

      • Thank you so much, Dot! I’m really disappointed with ep 70. Ugh! I understand where he’s coming from, but he’s to cruel to let You Ai give up her own baby. 🙁 I’m pissed that there’s only 2 more episodes left and our OTP

        • I’m pissed to see one of my favorite actor (小聲男主角) playing this role. I think the role he played in Inborn Pair fits him better. Because his acting is really shit starting when he knows about the disease.

          And yeah looking forward for a happy ending. And also looking for a way to watch his new movie.

          I just check the comments on ep 70, and lol at that many people raging on SR.

          • That’s how I learned about Chris Wang from Inborn Pair. I totally fell for him, lol. He’s such a charming guy on screen.

            As for Love Family, the drama had a good start until that Alzheimer’s plot that messed up everything. I did not go through 72 episodes just for nothing. I can’t wait for later’s episode. It seems that You Ai is going back to the time before she met Sheng Ren by returning the handkerchief. Ugh. They should be married by this episode and enjoying their married life. Lol

            I just checked the comments too and they’re all furious about SR!

            2 more eps. Yay! ^_^

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