Love Around (真愛黑白配) Episode 20

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26 thoughts on “Love Around (真愛黑白配) Episode 20

  1. I love GH and AC. What a great pairing and a great story. Though slow paced, it has shown how the two main families have gone through their changes…and will be united. So, please be patient all, there is more to life than getting hitched…the finale will be spectacular as you all must know they get married at the chapel on the beach of the Zhou’s hotel. Yay!

  2. For George and Annie fans sake, the director is giving us one more episode even though it is dragging the storyline a little much. Anyway, enjoy and watch what we can because we do not know when we will see another partnering of this pair!

  3. If they don’t end up getting married…This drama SUCKS. They are meant to be, and xiao shu’s parents should get back together and xiao shu + zhou zheng should get married -.-

    • I think they’ll be getting married because in the BTS where they were interviewing ying ying there were white roses and stuff so yea.. i think there’ll be a wedding scene. FINGERS CROSSED!!!

      • i saw a photo posted on the facebook page that was the cast in a church with xiaoshu in a wedding dress and yeah, they were obviously filming a wedding scene!!

  4. I dont think its dragging on. I think this episode helps to bring the storyline together to allow the two families to accept xiao shu and Zhou zhen and give the couple the families blessing!

    • They’re closing up all the sup plots then there will be big wedding. Check AC/GH FB pages, pic was posted a few days ago. And the story isn’t boring…if it was your brother or your father, it would be tragic and they would need healing and closure.

      • The pace is suitable for daily dramas. For once a week drama, this pace does not suit the audience. I am not the only one who feels the drama is dragging for too long. It is all over the drama forums overseas and Taiwan. There ratings are dropping and numbers do not lie. People watch drama to be entertained. And this drama’s pace is unsuccessful at capturing the interest of its audiences. The viewer’s rating is a fact that cannot be change. I agree with healing and closure as I have similar situation. But I am not expecting the drama to serve that purpose.

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