Love Around (真愛黑白配) Episode 12

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28 thoughts on “Love Around (真愛黑白配) Episode 12

  1. All are great actors…but GH is exceptionally good in this drama. Love the twist and drama, and now we shall see what the hearts of the lovers can do to redeem the situation.

  2. Wow what a great episode. Can’t wait to see what happens next week. Meanwhile, GH on the guitar was a real bonus…”Kiss me…”

  3. when eps 13 can be uploading… i can’t wait to see what can be happen next… that’s any one know how many episode this dramas will be end ???? i love this drama so much…. ciao yo george hu and annie ….

  4. Yes, I love pairing Geo and Annie very much, they are so perfect together. I hope they will be successful and happy! congratulations raiting of continuous film dominate the top 1. Geo and Nini is really famous country couples today. They are loved and enthusiastic support from fans all over the world!

  5. Again we must admit that the combination of Annie and Geo really great. Acting naturally and very well. Still sad, but I love the evolution of film as such, this will make a breakthrough in the way the main character. They will have to fight to regain his happiness. I love Annie and Geo, they’re great!

  6. Will Xiao Shu’ father forgive Zhou Zhen ‘s dad for the traumatic experience caused by the accident and what the family went through? Xiao Shu’s mum is prepared to standing by Zhou Zhen for her daughter’s happiness.
    GH and AC on screen chemistry is unbelievable…

  7. In part 4, 7:21, although the granny says hurry up and pour tea, it kinda sounded like yi jie, pour tea… doesn’t it? like Annie’s role in Inborn Pair which the granny was also part of.

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