Love Around (真愛黑白配) Episode 06

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21 thoughts on “Love Around (真愛黑白配) Episode 06

  1. Geo and annie I love so much, I love the beauty and sweetness of them. They are the most perfect couple and the fans favorite. We always book for them.

  2. haaa. The reason that we love about this film is that we Weini favorite pair. Annie is always bring flavor to each film by her sweet beauty. She’s pretty and cute. Geo and annie is the best couple in the history of Taiwanese dramas. They made ​​the audience deeply poisoned by the food and the beauty of them.

  3. annie acting more and more prominent scenes emotionally. She was acting more mature. I love her beautiful face turned nearly every lens. Annie is really beautiful with sweet face and expressive eyes. I love couples Weini!

  4. seems like they changed the stylist? makeup (really obvious for annie and her friend) and hair (both annie’s and george’s) differ from the first 5 eps! looks better now, even though the makeup is a lot thicker

    • Agree with you about GH’s acting…drama pace very slow and wondering how they will resolve everything…Enjoyed Bii’s cameo. The interesting thing is while there are misunderstandings—ZZ and XS communicate on air very openly…there is a bond, though they don’t know it yet. Thanks for the quick up load.

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