K.O. One Re-act (終極一班3) Episode 11

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124 thoughts on “K.O. One Re-act (終極一班3) Episode 11

  1. King should just admit the fact that she likes da dong, the way she denies it in front of wanjun just hurts him sooo much. Feel so sad for him

    • In all honesty I kind of like Han with Da Dong. I mean in the other dimensions they are pretty much together. But yeah King should just speak up because she is just making more of a mess.

  2. While waiting for 12th, some thoughts here: why give 大东’s parents so much air time? Definitely not just for laughs… esp when there’s a connection to 止戈’s dad. Could 止戈’s dad be one of those from their organisation? I remember they were part of an organisation…… 曹吉利 is more than meets the eye. Since K.O. 榜 was setup by 黑龙, after his defeat, who is behind it? Seems like a suspect here….. just a feeling only: 止戈 is K.O. 2

    • I agree. There is something he is hiding; I wonder what does he really know concerning things and what is going on.

  3. i am also quite curious why zhi ge’s dad hates han so much. does he have a history with her that made him hate her so?
    da dong’s dad and mom are so cute. thanks for the upload!

  4. Everyone is speculating about the Zhong/Qiu/Zhan triangle and the Cao/Han/Zhi Ge triangle and I’m here still waving my Gu Zhan/Zhi Ge flag from Episode 5 or so.

    • is that even possible for someone to fall in love 999 times? Thats a LOT for one person… I’m also curious about who spread that rumor. hahaha.

  5. There are so many crushes and intimate, cool scenes to make the show looks so interesting! I totally love the series of 終極s drama! >.< Wooots, I wish these series of 終極s never end!

    • I feel you. There are so many love triangles and it looks like everyone is getting hurt because either feeling are unknown or the feeling are not returned.

  6. 雲寒一定會選擇吉利,之後雲寒會幫吉利誕下雙胞胎,一個叫高美男,一個叫高美女,美女最後會跟泰京哥是一對的,沒有雷婷的存在。

  7. i’ve been re-watching kO 3an Guo and realised that the silver dimension’s fighting points standard is at a much higher level. the real liu bei’s fighting points was 8000 which is around the same as zhong wan jun and hua ling long who are in the top 10 KO ranking and are considered powerful, however liu bei was considered pathetic and weak! also, all the other main characters surpassed 10000 fighting points whereas lei ting, at the rank KO3, only possess 9000 points. in fact, wu hu jiang’s points must be at least 13000-14000 since the 4 of them combined with xiu and cao cao reached 80000 points when they were recovering guan yu’s wu gong! that’s almost twice as powerful as qiu qiu!

    • Ya agreed. Comparing 汪东城’s 4 knock characters: 金时空 大东 12000+, 铁时空 夏天 15000, 铜时空 Zack <10000 and 银时空 孙策 18000+

  8. i really like ceng pei ci and think she’s a great actor but for some reason i really don’t like her character king. I liked sun shang xiang’s character a lot more…I don’t know how to quite put it and i have no idea why i don’t like king coz her character shouldn’t be unlikable at all….it really baffles me.
    also I think king and zhong wan jun are more compatible and have more chemistry then king and da dong…

    • It is because they didn’t develop her character as much as they did in KO One 2. They just jumped straight into her without giving her a personality probably because they expect viewers to already know & understand her, so in the end now she doesn’t have that “King” feel in her character.

      It’s the same with all the other returning casts from
      KO One 2: Hua Linglong, Zhong Wan Jun, Qiu Qiu & Na Ge Shui, all lack of character development.

      • but i don’t have a problem with any of the other characters. also, i didn’t like king in the previous series either.
        I think the problem with king is that even though she’s a strong headed person, she’s very stubborn with her thoughts and actions even though she doesn’t really know what she wants or what she’s really fighting for.
        unlike sun shang xiang, even though she was also a very stubborn character she knew exactly what she wanted and wasn’t afraid to go for it.
        same goes for qiu qiu, she has her morals and principles that she sticks to and she’s not afraid to pursue the person she likes, yet she knows when to let go when it’s not her place anymore.
        yan yan has very little character development but I still respect her character and admire her more than I do with king…

        • I respect your idea but I think that you know nothing about King and even make people have a bad view about her. If she just likes you said so why does the whole Ultimate class admire and respect her the most??? “She doesn’t really know what she wants and what she’s really fighting for”-when I read it it just likes you never watch KO 2&3 in english sub or know Chinese, do you? Lei Ting that I know is very responsible for and do care of the “Zhong Zhi Yi Ban” she cannot let the class be lead by others that never concern about the members; or when the leader from another highschool wanted to give troubles to the Ba Le. She doesn’t only protect the Ultimate class but her school also. She doesn’t really want to fight but that she has to do, obviously when Zhan stubbornly want to challenge her and be the leader. If she doesn’t have any good qualities so why did “the strongest highschool student in the history”-Wang Da Dong use to say she is the only person that he respected and accepted to be King? Also I think Pets really acted well as King and be consistent with the role than anyone else!
          Comparing with Qiu, Lei Ting had also used to do in KO 2 just like Qiu *I think the KO 3 will be the same*. She just confessed to Da Dong and let him know her feelings, she didn’t care Da Dong likes her or not *so brave* what she has done doesn’t like others would do. No wonder she had crossed the boundary and being the “KING”

    • that would give him more character development instead of being the person left behind everytime King and Da Dong go somewhere.. I feel like Zhan, ling long and na ge sui gets more screen time than him.

  9. Na Ge Shui likes Yan Yan, Yan Yan likes Gu Zhan, Gu Zhan likes Qiu Qiu, Qiu Qiu likes Zhong Wan Jun, Zhong Wan Jun likes King, King likes Da Dong, so complicated.

    In such a messy love situation of 7 people, because it is odd number that is short of 1 girl, 1 guy will be left out, let’s make a guess who, haha.

      • He will appear , Previously season , ko one 2 , they removed dadong and afterwards the received alot of complains , which forced them to reshoot the last episode , that explains why dadong appears again . Its once bitten twice shy right ?

        • Ya actually I watch only for DaDong, in fact I fast forward
          if he does not appear. Anyway this re-act the focus is more
          on the younger cast n DaDong is making way for them to
          blend in so that he can EXIT so sad….:)

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