IUUI (我愛你愛你愛我) Episode 08

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9 thoughts on “IUUI (我愛你愛你愛我) Episode 08

  1. 天氣也太怪了 台灣夏天 北海道卻下大雪? 台灣的天氣跟日本是一樣的 所以北海道也是夏天才對

  2. I actually really hope that Dandan would go with Sangtien… Now it seems like Sky is stuck with WenQi, and he have to deal with it.. So, let Dandan go find her love~ > <

  3. 0:56:30 How did Sky get to park the motorcycle right in front of the business building? Do people really park like that in Taiwan and don’t get towed?

    • His motorcycle would definitely get a ticket, not necessary be towed. It’s easy to move the motorcycle aside, it cost too much to tow it. I believe taiwan’s parking enforcement is more strict, compare to the u.s.

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