Happy 300 Days (遇見幸福300天) Episode 15 The End

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10 thoughts on “Happy 300 Days (遇見幸福300天) Episode 15 The End

  1. Was not expecting this to be the final episode but not too badly done as this is a very blissful and happy ending for all. It is so much better if the producer / director gives more time to planning the ending … to see the couple and friends reconciled take time and 2nd baby arrival was announced within one part of the whole episode. Overall, an enjoyable drama to watch.

    • YEAH! especially in the fake amnesia scene where his facial expression was just like “I can’t take this anymore you idiots this is not credible at all I’m going to leave bye” then Yao Yang drags him back and goes DA GE 大哥” HAHA funniest

  2. that was a lovely ending! sweet and to the point unlike some that are so rushed and ends just like that! im going to miss watching this show!

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