Apple in Your Eye (妹妹) Preview

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6 thoughts on “Apple in Your Eye (妹妹) Preview

  1. I can´t wait to watch the first ep, even when amber´s voice drives me crazy, but is a blue´s drama so I wanna watch it!!

  2. Weird to see those two acting as high schoolers. Look too old for their parts. I guess they do anything to save $$$ on getting suitable actors. Also the little girl who played as when she’s little, is very cute with beautiful big eyes, which furthur exaggerate the difference between her and the all-grown-up female lead. I guess whatever goes goes with this drama.

  3. y is she crawling on the ground…?wth be nice to ur sister even she is not biologically related…looking forward to this though…nice video quality compared to other drama lol

    • I think you had misunderstood the “brother” Dai Yao Qi. I think it was truth or dare and she got dare or something. He’s actually nice to the “sister” one, eventhough he always seem like he’s irritated with her. 🙂

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