Apple in Your Eye (妹妹) Episode 01

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29 thoughts on “Apple in Your Eye (妹妹) Episode 01

  1. For those who didn’t like the first episode, give this drama a chance. It really grows on you and became one of my favorite dramas of all time. Very touching and leads are amazing in this drama. The drama is an open ending…but I chose to create a happy ending for myself so to me, it was a happy ending. Loved this drama…I still think about it from time to time…but it really made me think about life. Blue was absolutely amazing in this drama…I have so much respect for him as an actor now…he’s just so awesome!

    • To me, this drama was actually really really good…you just have to get into it. It’s really poetic and pretty. The ending is an open ending though…This was one of my favorite dramas and I still think about it time to time after finishing it. It was a breath of fresh air and really made me think about life and relationships. Greatly directed too…

  2. The little girl as the female lead character can be Puff’s as a kid … next time puff needs someone who can played as her as a kid, she can be it.

    • You should try watching more episodes. It was actually such a beautiful and amazing drama…after you get through the first couple episodes. I liked the first few episodes but it got better and better and I really loved how poetic and beautiful it was. The ending is open though, so you might not like that…but otherwise, to me, it was a very great drama. I still think about it from time to time…don’t judge a drama from the first few episodes. When I first watched this drama, I hated it at first, but then I actually gave it a chance and it became one of my favorite dramas of all times. I cannot explain why I like it…but I thought it was so beautiful and was directed well. Her character deff. grows on you and I think she did a great job in this drama and Blue did such an amazing job…he was just amazing. I cried so many times in this drama because it really made me think about life, sacrifices and also relationships. I am not saying you would like it…but I really did, even though I didn’t like it when I first watched it…

    • Because they do not care to match the look of little girl with the grown up lady. The girl who plays 周繼薇小時候 is cute, but totally wrong person for this drama. She also look totally different from other little girls, too. So how can they be sisters? The milk man’s baby (跟鄰居老王生的)? Not convincing at all. Minus point for this drama.

      It’s also weird to have 安心亞 play the high school role. Doesn’t matter how she try to act cute or talk like a young girl, which she is totally not, it gives me goosebumps– not in a good way.

    • I just talked to friends from China, you guys don’t have physical punishment. But we from Taiwan used to have physical punishment from teachers. It’s very common, because Taiwan was once ruled by Japan therefore adopted the super strict discipline from Japan. What you’ve seen in this drama is nothing special to us who grown up in Taiwan.

  3. 蠻好看的 這是第一次看安心亞演戲 覺得令人驚艷 很期待下一集 但,不知道為什麼周繼薇一直有種惡作劇裏面袁湘琴的感覺,整部戲也有一點點我可能不會愛你的fu

    • 我同意哦! 这部戏跟《我可能不会爱你》的编剧是一样的。虽然有一丝丝像《我可能》的 FU,可是我读了很多达人推荐,个个都说其实是不一样的。男女主角在妹妹里开始对彼此的感情会比较像亲情,毕竟他们从小一起长大。然而我可能里李大任和程又青之间的感情先是好朋友到亲情到爱情 🙂

      • 同意!但我认为比较有 我爱你爱你爱我的feel,只是男主角是弟弟 女主角是姐姐 可是编剧也差不多一样啦

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