X Lies (謊言遊戲) Episode 09

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一位失意的作家-孫真(ELLA 飾),意外地發現一位隱世的名作家死在家裡。她一開始只是為了錢扮演起他的身分並繼續完成他的書。隨著她繼續扮演這位名作家,她對這個新身份帶來的東西: 金錢、名聲、權力,和最重要的尊重、崇拜的感覺上了癮而無法自拔。



主角必須選擇:她要做一個受眾人愛戴的騙子,還是要做一個一文不值的真實自己? 她會選擇自己揭露一切?還是被他人揭穿?她如何去面對她真實人生中的感情?她還能記得真實的自己嗎?還是已經變成那位名作家?

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Tipster Rednimer
  • cameron

    found the song.. “周興哲 Eric – 怎麼好意思” but the lyrics are not the same… does anyone have a copy of the song in this episode?

  • cameron

    trying to find the song when they kissed. I really can’t find it anywhere… can anyone tell me the title and the singer? please 🙂

  • Kano

    Anyone having audio problems? I cant hear but can watch.

  • guest

    I think that sun zhen is going to realize soon that she loves you liang too and that he means a lot to her

  • guest

    i still miss you, I still love you.
    What did you just say? Say it again?
    I said,” I still miss you, I still love you…….
    After they kiss, she says that she can’t be with him again anymore because she lied to him.
    He says that he doesn’t care about whoever she is right now

  • guest

    You can tell that you liang is trying to do his job the right way, but when it comes to sun zhen, his strong righteous self breaks down because he loves her too much despite her lying to see her hurt or hurt her.

  • guest

    I can understand sun zhen as she’s struggling to find her identity as a person. But I think that she’ll realize eventually that she does’t need money and fame to be happy and that he really loves her boyfriend, so keeps on fighting to stand by her whenever she breaks down. However, I think that when she finally realizes these things, the problem will already be too big and people will get hurt and her and her boyfriend’s love will be in danger.

  • guest

    you can tell that you liang really loves sun zhen so much that he’s willing to break all of the rules that he has to love her and help her. I find that really sweet and touching. Even when he knows that he shouldn’t help her, he can’t help it because he loves her too much

  • guest

    what is the song when they kiss?