When I See You Again (他看她的第2眼) Episode 11

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當擅長「讀心術」的夏又謙,遇上「第二眼美女」安希時,讀心術竟然完全失靈? 安希在撲浪村經營的民宿面臨史上最大危機:債主海闊老大的霸道求愛!安希為了民宿的存亡,只好換上戰袍一赴夜宴。 離開喧囂的城市回到撲浪村的又謙,心念著十年前的青春回憶,卻在寧靜的泳池邊遇上當年讓他受傷而離開的原因-「安希」… 又謙和安希的碰撞,攪亂一池春水,直到「他看她的第二眼」後,才能看見對方最單純的心。
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Tipster Rednimer
  • haha@haha.ha

    最好是又謙和胡永晴認識的時候已經有SMART PHONE了啦! XD

  • jfwieofewij

    what I”M CONFUSE….I THOUGHT SHE ALREADY FIGURED OUT that he is the guy with the glasses from 10 years ago….what the hell.

  • Jiatian Zhang

    The story plot is getting sooo much interesting. Hopefully An Xi will know that he is Yi Zi Mei best episode.

  • Lynn6

    Love the interactions of YQ and AX as they strolled his school/university grounds .. so romantic! Great acting by Jasper Liu in this drama .. he is really into this role and playing the part well.

  • Steve Chan


  • xoxo

    argh. when will an xi know that he’s the guy from back then