When I See You Again (他看她的第2眼) Episode 05

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當擅長「讀心術」的夏又謙,遇上「第二眼美女」安希時,讀心術竟然完全失靈? 安希在撲浪村經營的民宿面臨史上最大危機:債主海闊老大的霸道求愛!安希為了民宿的存亡,只好換上戰袍一赴夜宴。 離開喧囂的城市回到撲浪村的又謙,心念著十年前的青春回憶,卻在寧靜的泳池邊遇上當年讓他受傷而離開的原因-「安希」… 又謙和安希的碰撞,攪亂一池春水,直到「他看她的第二眼」後,才能看見對方最單純的心。
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Tipster Rednimer
  • tae

    can you fix this drama? i really wanna watch it….

  • abbie


  • RPGO

    Spiking it up yesss

  • Lynn6

    Poor AX .. I feel sorry for her when she had to go picked up the pieces .. it is very difficult for her to smile back when YQ keeps smiling at her .. how could he?? It is tough for AX because she still don’t recognise him .. his hate is one sided

  • Vicky Chan

    now, comes a girl to this episode.. dunno if its really his girlfriend… ah, an xi’s words being broadcasted but you qian is quite good to an xi where he let all the villages to come and let them know is a misunderstanding and not what they thought it is. i wonder why an xi dun remember you qian? :0

  • Vicky Chan

    ah haha.. an xi didnt know the speaker is on and what she say already being broadcast to the whole village ><


    this is getting really good!!! the only little problem i have with this show is mandy looks slightly older than jasper but JASPER IS SUCH A CUTIE I LOVE HIM