What Is Love Episode 08

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A woman, who is a stickler for pure love and in hope of monogamous marry life, meets a philanderer who brings out the love/hate feelings in every woman. In a battle for the heart, will she surrender her principle and be one of his conquest? Or will she succeed in making him a loyal husband?

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  • Jujubaby

    this drama is amazing

  • Pompoo

    What once I week! I ant waiting that long man that ia a week!!!

  • Xxx


  • Racha03_yip

    Once a week! NOOO!!! O____O

  • best guest

    When is episode 9 coming out? Don’t tell me it’s only once a week!! O__O

    • lalala

      I’m sorry but it is only once a week…O______O

      • best guest

         NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!  >o<

  • True81820

    if is true love ppl changed for good why not give him a chance……

  • Abc

    why there is no video???

  • Jbear8

    what’s wrong with the opening? he tried to kiss her last ep…….

  • Xxx


    • Lilylily1998


  • Miriam

    the series right from the start has many scenes of zong you in BEDSCENES with the women. if it is only a matter of flirting without the sex part, i can accept zong you and yi hua together. but knowing what kind of man he is, even though he has repented his ways, i now want to root for adam.

  • Guest


    • Guest


  • wennz

    chris confession soooooooooooooo adorable!!!!!!!!!!! he is great actor! really,,,he is one of greatest actor in TWdrama!!! he makes me remember when i saw takeshi kaneshiro acted 😀

    soooo touched,,,talking eyes,,,plus perfect body laguange! love chrisssssssss!!!!!
    but,,,for the stroy line… i really wish yi hua not ended with chriss 😀
    i really wish eva got her simple love life 😀
    and she can find thats simple love live only from someone just like adam 🙂
    this story line reminds me of HK movies 单身男女  (starred : daniel wu,,gao yuan yuan,,louis koo)

    • Miriam

      i also have watched that film “don’t go breakin my heart”(dan shen nan nu) and it was marvelous.
      lousi koo character always has a nosebleed whenever he sees sexy girls (his male hormones are acting up) even though he loves his girlfriend(played by gao yuanyuan), he can’t resist playing around whenever pretty and sexy girls come along. daniel wu is the opposite of louis. he’s very loyal and devoted. yuanyuan fell in love first with louis until she decided to dump him for daniel. i love that the movie imparts a sense of moral to not fall in love with a flirty,playboy type and to discern wisely who to pick for as a husband. at least, this movie gives us  the correct CHOICE. another series that comes to mind is “the fierce wife”.. the once loving husband turned astray and hurt his wife so badly that she intended first to take back her husband no matter what cost and to exact revenge against the xiaosan(mistress)but all that changed when she met the RIGHT guy for her, and a bachelor at that! she didn’t give her husband a second chance and decided for a separation/divorce.this film also gives us the Correct decision…betrayed wives shouldn’t be doormats. they can also have a life after divorce.
      for me, i hope that this series will end the way something like the other 2 films i mentioned. if not, it might mislead some girls that it is ok to fall in love with a player. maybe, some playboys turn over a new leaf but i doubt it……well, let’s see how this will end.

  • Alice

    This episode particularly brings up the question regarding love: are we more likely be attracted to people who are similar to us or different from us?

  • clx

    I’m not liking the idea of bai zong you changing ENTIRELY to yi hua’s ‘type’ of guy. Then he wont be his original self! 🙁 People should them for who the are right? its good that he changed his playboy ways but not shape himself to become the ‘perfect’ man yi hua loves

  • clx

    I don’t even know what bai zhong you sees in Yi Hua… usually in dramas where the girl changes a guy there’s something SPECIAL about the girl i.e. her kindheartedness, bravery but I don’t see anything special about Yi Hua that can change bai zhong you’s heart. Although it’s touching that he’s changed, it’s not really logical but it’s sweet nonetheless

    • JH

      I think its just the idea that she “taught” him what is love and that he shouldn’t live life like a playboy. Its more like the idea that “what you can’t have, you want even more”. In a way, Bai Zhong You can’t have Yi Hua so he is even more determined to woo her, and in the process he falls for her…and if its REAL LOVE, you really dont need a reason to like someone 🙂


    Chris is such an amazing actor, you can tell how sincere and earnest he sounds in his confession!! <3 

    • Miriam

      he is quite good but i find his jaw a little bit distracting.

  • Asdf

    even i got scared in the fighting part holy sht chris is rlly good at acting 

  • Xxx

    我覺得白宗祐這次的告白(跟上一次第五集比)明顯就弱很多了  難怪會被拒絕

  • Miriam

    like father, like son. zong you’s father is also a player….so that’s why…….he got the genes.

  • Miriam

    atta girl….. be consistent and stick to your principles, yi hua.
    i think this might be it, the one series wherein the lead did not get the girl. that would be a novelty!!
    i am anticipating the finale.

  • Miriam

    isn’t it more NATURAL if they talk within distance of each other and not widely apart from each other??
    i don’t understand why in most series, the director adopts the wide-apart distance…more dramtic? no, i find it ridiculous!

    • Miriam

      now i understand, in this series…. he slowly goes to her…that’s why the distance.
      but in other series, no.

  • Miriam

    yi hua, i hold you on to what you said (” it would be plain stupid of me if i fall for such guy”… i heard you said this). if you accept him as your boyfriend, you should be meted punishment. really!

  • Xxx

    上一集剪掉了前三十分鐘的內容 好像是這樣

  • Xxx

    最後宗佑不是把李怡華牽走了  怎麼變成再開車?

    • 对咯。。。很奇怪。。。。。

  • Blossom

    She’s a fool if she falls in love with him again!

    • Zzz

      You mean bai zong you? Lol. In the end they will be together so why not? I can see that he is really changing.

  • moko


    • Miriam

      can you point out what you don’t like in yi hua because i am clueless???

  • Xxx

    上次那一級是不是有東西剪掉啦  總覺得沒有接的很好

  • anon


    • Anon1