What Is Love Episode 05

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A woman, who is a stickler for pure love and in hope of monogamous marry life, meets a philanderer who brings out the love/hate feelings in every woman. In a battle for the heart, will she surrender her principle and be one of his conquest? Or will she succeed in making him a loyal husband?

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  • gg


  • 030


  • 喜歡怡華的睡衣~~

  • Pkchia54

    The storyline kept Recycling

  • Jetblackheart

    how many episodes are there in total, anyone know???

  • tariang30

    omgwait, is her friend lesbian for her? :O

  • Lacy

    this show wasn’t what I expected, I thought it wasn’t a good show at first, but it turned out to be something more. Nice story plot! I’m in love with this drama now!

  • Jbear8

    why no hd, so blurry……

  • Miriam

    yi hua’s other friend is very good in judging the character of the man. many times she is proven right.

  • Miriam

    xiao lu isn’t honest enough to admit to the guy that she is an unmarried mother. when is she going to tell him? it should be before a meaningful relationship is to start and not during the relationship.

  • Pearl

    the sheep cover is so cute!

  • Pearl

    lol that’s a cute umbrella XD and the note and 30 second talk was so cute! luv his friend! I’m Ready….. to date him! lmao XD

  • Pearl

    dude! she’s like super skinny! anorexic much? lol XD

  • Joanna2757


    • Pearl

      no =.=”’ they look so different o.O 一点都不祥!

  • True81820

    omg… everytime the female lead cried I will cry!!

  • Xxx


  • huahua


  • Guest


    • Guest


  • Guest

    I wanna know what happened to male lead and 2ed male lead before!!

    • Guest


  • Alice

    Definitely my favourite episode of this drama so far because both characters are re-discovering themselves.  Especially the part regarding BZY’s exes’ comments on him was well done!!

  • ah Man

    Duncan!!!! *thumb’s up* Looking good! A strong competitive I hope!!!

    • 999


  • Kkj

    so blurry

  • Xxx

    不懂 這部片這麼好看 收視率卻不高…… 就算老梗也都用很新的手法呈現…. 

  • Guest

    Cannot watch

  • I love Chris Wu’s style in this drama and how the colours of his tie, shirt, and blazer complement each other so well!! 

  • Xxx

    後面那段各自問朋友的對話 看得出劇組很用心  好片!!!!

  • Xxx

    白宗祐拉住李怡華手的那段話 真的很用心  好看…………