What Is Love Episode 02

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A woman, who is a stickler for pure love and in hope of monogamous marry life, meets a philanderer who brings out the love/hate feelings in every woman. In a battle for the heart, will she surrender her principle and be one of his conquest? Or will she succeed in making him a loyal husband?

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  • bitsnpieces

    i was getting bored of the series but luckily there’s this new twist !! looking forward for the next few eps 🙂

  • Miriam

    go girl, get him where it hurts the most…..his wallet!!

  • Miriam

    wow, the man is a glib talker and he is quite fast.

  • Miriam

    this series dealt wit SHENG NU ( women past their prime age in getting a boyfriend or getting married). the series i have watched with a theme like this are:
    1) My Queen (yang jin Hua)
    2) myname is kim sam soong ( korean drama)
    3) In Time with you ( ariel lin)
    4) this series

  • Miriam

    does anyone know who pai rui se po man is? is he a real author or a fictional character?
    reminds me of MoMo(played by rainie yang) in “ToGetHer” who always quote her favorite “Prince from the outer space”(forgot his name…sounds like Prince Kasaba?) sayings.
    YiHua(the lead lady here) also quotes “Pai RUi Se Po Man” sayings.

    • guest

      that’s because the same screen play writers (2 person team) wrote both “What Is Love” and “ToGetHer”.

  • Miriam

    wu xiao lu, her friend is so “hao se”. she told her to bed the guy so she will know if he is good in bed or not! hahaha. what an advice to a dear friend.

  • Joanna2757

    白宗佑根本雜碎嘛 = =

    • Miriam

      yeah, he is a real jerk here.
      he looks like a gentleman, telling yi hua that they shouldn’t rush things ( when they were kissing inside the room) when in fact, he forgot to bring his condom ( that was what saved her day). if he did, he would have already taken her that night.

      • Miriam

        he duped and played around with 327 women already.

  • Sandy


    • Miriam

      that was what i commented too in episode 1 comments…she looks like fish leong.
      very very similar.

  • ahyen

    LOL loving the drama so far!

  • WOW

    the part where the girl hesitates to  call the guy is the same as ep1 part5. EXACTLY THE SAME

    • Ja

      bad editing i think…

  • Moonielum

    Ep 2 so slow…..

  • Rachaelchewchris

    Is there any part 2 or 3…?

  • gwenyth xiuli


  • Pearl

    lol the hospital and surgery part was funny XDD

    • Miriam

      he has to rest for 2 months and for him, that is a long time for no sex.

  • Chinese

    The leading actress looks a bit like 趙雅芝。。。。。。

  • Guest

    This is such a funny show! I can’t wait…one more week….

  • keladry

    all his lines were so cheesy i couldn’t stop laughing

  • Yeelil

    In the first episode, she runs out of the church, is that an actual place in taiwan or just a film location?

  • Hw


  • Jk

    洗頭的時候 根本就是蔡燦德

  • pretty

    english sub pls?

  • Fangcih



  • mui

    so funny when he say to her *Buy something you like* hahahah i’m sure he very heartpain that she buy everything :D!!!

  • Owanchen

    這部戲好特別            為啥收視率不好



  • Cute_me_dandan

    what’s the title of the opening theme?

  • Eriina1997

    They look so cute together :’) awww

  • Eriina1997

    I’m looking forward to the upcoming third episode ! 

  • Orientalpurplemoon

    He is so corny in actions n words..

    • guest

      I agree…I would be extremely creeped if someone is talk like that to me…don’t know what the girl’s thinking…

  • guest

    Starting to like the female character more

  • anonymous

    the actress doesn’t match the lead guy.  doesn’t work to have her looking older.  sorry, but true!

    • Sh20

       so agree!!!

    • guest

      She’s probably not the best..but for some reason, I don’t mind her…

  • CC

    very interesting episode!

  • guest


    • Beautifulloveforme

      是”愛 LOVE”的經典台詞吧~!呵!

  • guest

    字幕先生還是小姐, 是Calm Down, 不是come down, 謝謝!!

  • dabendan


  • cornsoup

    finally getting interesting!!

  • Xxx

    真的很喜歡這劇的台詞 把妹肯定超有用

  • G4est

    The actress is horrible at acting… Cringed at several parts…

  • Dramalover