What Is Love (花是愛) Episode 01

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A woman, who is a stickler for pure love and in hope of monogamous marry life, meets a philanderer who brings out the love/hate feelings in every woman. In a battle for the heart, will she surrender her principle and be one of his conquest? Or will she succeed in making him a loyal husband?

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  • guest

    Ugh! Crooked teeth. What time and age is this, that people still think it’s okay to have crooked teeth? What a turn off. And let her be the female lead, too…

    • Lola Frozen

      Are you serious? Your personality is oozing ignorance. It doesn’t matter what a person looks like to have to be a lead in a performance whatsoever. There is absolutely nothing with having crooked teeth, it’s not a “turn off”, in fact it gives a bit of character to a person.

  • yoyo

    wahhh….he finally become the lead!! ^^

  • 030

    吳慷仁真帥呀 帥慘啦

  • rifin25

    rewatching again heehee

  • rachel koh qing hui

    It is very long no time to watch

  • rachel koh qing hui

    Ya why are there no english sub and some people dont know how to understand

  • Jalesia Anderson


  • rebelgirl

    why are there no english subtitles?

  • Debrose

    When is this drama going to get english subs?? I’m dying to see for a couples of months now!!

    • Guest

      this drama is no.1 on my list… so interesting (and funny)!!!
      I hope you will be able to watch it once more people realize how good the drama is and provide English subs.

      • Deb Rose

        I know! I’ve some eps w/o subs, cause i understand a little bit, but i know I’m missing alot w/o the subs! It’s a shame cause I can’t find it anywhere.

  • Evelyn

    as cute as he is, his lines are so cheese….. 
    bit too much for just meeting her lolz. 

    • Guest

      You will know why his lines are cheesy at the beginning if you finish ep.2.

  • tariang30

    This is such a good look for Chris 😀 No offense, but his head always looked shrunken up in other dramas he’s in.

  • Wendy Chen

    why are there no english subtitles?

  • 畫質很差喔

  • Guest2121

    每次都差點把女主角看成梁靜茹 = =”

  • it feels so GREAT seeing chris as a lead!!! :3

  • True81820

    adam n eva…(eve)….hahaha

  • Miriam

    she got very nice legs!
    where is the car of the guy? she rode in his car when they were being chased. why did he ride on a taxi cab after he saw her home?

    • Miriam

      oh, i see. he explained this in the next episode, episode 2.

  • Miriam

    i find the lead lady has resemblance to singer Fish Leong.

  • Miriam

    she’s always catching the bride’s bouquet……a good sign that she is getting married.LOL!

  • ahyen

    omg chris wu’s voice is so dreamy…

  • is


  • ssh

    meng ke huai and li xiao yang (inbetween drama) marriage is being held in the 1st episode of this drama huh!

  • 泓 古


  • 泓 古


  • 這個台詞,我也會背~

  • Dearayin

    男主角 好帥!!!好帥!!!!! ^ ^

  • nuneo




  • gogogo

    why are the flowers wrapped in black paper..haha

  • Guest

    Although this is a good beginning of a drama but…

    I seriously think they should make some Taiwanese drama not related to love…. and not relate to 25+ women that want to be married… 
    It is true that many women can afford to live by themselves and still have great lives as mid age men do in today’s society…
    this kind of drama is a stereotype of what typical Asian women were expected to do and they are trying to insert this thought to our future generations….

    • Miriam

      i believe too that women are pressured and expected to get married but living alone has its pleasure too. if one can’t find a compatible mate, so be it.
      i think jane austen can produce such magnificent classic stories because she is single.

  • Loolilol_1997

    谁住在法国 ?

  • Guest

    Really weak excuse…

  • Guest


  • Guest


    • Guest

      我覺得那部想法是好的 開頭是好的 中間跟後面狗血亂編 爛尾了 =__=

  • Guest


    • Miriam

      i agree, she is quite GOOD!

  • bump

    I think that Asian culture focuses too much on age and marriage…maybe that’s why divorce rates are increasing…women get worried about not getting wed before a certain age…and marry just because they need to…or think that they are in love…smh…

    • Miriam

      i think any woman in any culture wants to get married after a certain age. this is due to biological and emotional needs of a woman.
      but one should not rush to get married for this reason alone. have to take some time to know the man very well before getting hitched.
       divorce happens for a great number of reasons. one is because women are more financially independent nowadays and people are more OPEN to the idea of divorcing.
      the battered wife won’t divorce( even theough she is being made into a punching bag) because she is not financially capable to support the children ( if she is timid) and being a divorcee left a bad taste in the mouth and society looked down on them…..this was true during the early 20th century.

  • bump

    OMG…CHRIS’S HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It’s gonna take some time getting use to.

  • Guest

    Watching this drama for Chris wu (:
    But it seems really interesting already, haha.
    I can’t wait for episode 2!

  • Aigoo

    I also love the cameo by the guy trying to holla at her. Freaking hilarious considering 金勤 usually plays more mellow, timid type of characters. I LOL-ed so hard when his face popped out of the car window.

  • Aigoo

     The script writers should’ve fact checked first. It’s Adam and EVE, not Adam and EVA. Fail

    • Miriam

      eva is the hispanized or latinized derivative form of EVE. maybe, they want something different? and settled for eva?

  • Jane

    Chris Wu reminds me of Figaro Cen with his hair like that 

  • Kisa

    Chris Wu is playing the player so well, i’m getting swooned. Now that he’s bout to be outed i can’t wait to see other sides of his character. I also got to give to zhou you ting, she playing the role great on being love slump.

    What made me really like this drama is that scene with guy’s in the car trying to hollar at her. That for real cause seriously even though she want a guy she still has standards. Also been in that situation before so many times

  • Penny

    女一不夠漂亮…  對比起男一, 她顯得有點老

    • Guest

       她年紀比男一還大些.. 但我覺得還算可愛啦

  • Ann

    亂七八糟, 什麼一個”女人開始花大錢買東西給自己就是單身太久”; 又什麼”名牌包一定要男人送”!?  我
    從來不缺人追求, 但是不曾接受過追求者送的名貴禮物, 堅決拒絕拿不勞而獲的東西. 

    • Guest

      我覺得整個教壞小孩… 自己的東西本該自己買 別人送的 自己應該也要送相對等的回禮….

    • Miriam

      yes and i think some series shoud correct this kind of wrong impression. it gives off a bad message and not a good example to young women.
      it is ok to buy yourself something as long as one can afford it. but don’t become a slave to expensive and imported stuff.


    很好看~ 这部戏很有新鲜感!很难预料这部戏的情节。很期待呀~

  • Sispig



    他终于是male lead 了!为他感到开心~ OHYAY~

    • fl1


  • omg that girl is Peter’s sister in Ring Ring Bell and Xiao Jie’s best friend in SOP Queen!! 

    • lily

       Kimi Hsia

  • cotton

    guess i didn’t see that last part.. but hes still cute. nice show

  • guest

    guess i didnt see the last part… but hes still cute. nice show

  • cotton

    nowadays where still got this kind of sweet, cute(a little shy), handsome, smart guy???? tell me!!!

    • Miriam

      in drama love series and romance books.
      in real life, one can’t have everything in a man. it one is waiting for that kind of man to fall in love with, it will take a long time, baby.
      because if there is such a man, it possible that he won’t fall for you.

      • Miriam

        the you, is not you,cotton. i am saying you to refer to any woman.
        i have seen many dating shows and sometimes the handsome guy picks an average-looking lady not the gorgeous ones. so it is hard really to find someone you love and who loves you back at the same time.

  • Whenpigsfly937

    haha the gangster is that guy who acted in ToGether and Absolute Boyfriend! Funny to see him here as a gangster! XD

    • makichan


    • he’s Lian’s manager in Skip Beat TOO! 

  • 女的

    女生自己送自己包哪裡可憐= =


    • Guest

      可能是相對於她的薪水吧 但是女生自己買包包 我覺得超帥氣的 本該自己買

      • SKKYY


    • Miriam

      i bet they think it is more appropriate to sponge it off on a man because it is quite expensive.LOL!



  • lynn

    是 eve and adamn

    • Guest

      Nooo ,Eva and Adam is correct too.Evanoun a female given name, form of Eve.

  • Bunnies

    Chris wu look so diff from autumn’s concerto and here xD

  • Guest

    女主角上班的衣服都很可愛耶.. 有人知道哪裡可以買到類似的嗎?

  • Pearl

    lol his car is so unique XD

  • Pearl

    wow that church has been overused in taiwanese dramas=.=””’ summer luv summer, down w/ luv etc etc -.-””’

    • Pearl

      sign a petition for tdramas to stop using the same scenery b/c of budget cuts! cuz that’s boring and unprofessional!!!!! 

      • Rachel

        Are you also offering them some funding to make up for those supposed budget cuts along with the petition?

    • Sophia

       Yep, kind of like that square-ish glass house you see in every drama, or the mall with the ferris wheel

  • ah Man

    Wow! The ending song/shot… I can’t wait for Chris to really fallen for the gal and Duncun coming into the picture! Duncun looks very good here! Good start!

  • guest


    • ah Man

      Keke~ Or AKA: Ah Ken la~ Same creator and also writers for EX-BF! plus with Chris and Duncun! KYAAA! Looking forward to the drama!

  • SunnyDays

    Love this drama~~~ looking forward to next ep. ^^

  • Sda

    chrysler 赞助的

  • guest

    it’s actually Adam and EvE…. maybe they should have named him Wall-E XD

    • Pearl

      lol I guess they just wanted to tweet it to match her chinese name=.=”’ which is kinda dumb b/c adam doesn’t match the boy’s at all=.=”’

  • Sophia

    Yay! The characters from In Between have a cameo 


    • Miriam

      i don’t think the hua word here describes flowers. i think, it means the hua in “hua xin”

      • Miriam

        the hua refers to “playing around”, i think.

  • Sophia

    At the beginning wedding scene, is that the same place as in the drama “I Do?”  ?

    • Guest3

      It is the Church in the 2008 TWdrama titled “I Do?”with Lan Cheng Long, Liu Xin Yo, David Chen