The Way We Were (16個夏天) Episode 11

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一場看似荒謬的報復性上床行動,讓失戀的唐家妮遇上了方韋德。原該一夜結束的夏日荒唐,卻讓她碰上了她的真正「初戀」。然而一切像是夢一場。1999年,台灣史上最強大的921大地震,震醒了唐家妮的美夢,多年來陪伴在她身邊的汪俊杰,在這場「震撼」中,注定為她瘸了雙腳。 唐家妮義無反顧的陪伴著他,兩人結婚,也走上了平淡卻踏實過著小夫妻生活。



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  • fucking noob 俊杰

    媽的俊杰 垃圾狗一個 還不去死一死

    • A

      廢物俊杰就可以跟別人上床 佳妮就不能跟以前的五人幫好友抱一下 吃個飯 馬的真是條垃圾狗

    • abc


  • 090

    同性戀也太衝擊了吧… 家妮也接受不了啦

  • BB


  • h

    04:38 抿嘴超可愛的><

  • 路人

    還是不理解瑞瑞,那天晚上俊杰把她當家妮,她不甘心, 不甘心他們都愛家妮而自己無法說出口,還是,她也希望被愛,被家妮愛,但明知這上床會傷害家妮耶!!




  • tata

    this show is just about 3 people liking jiani…

  • abc

    geqing is so needy omg

  • pearl

    lesbian, pregnant, friendship, deception: they got it all….. haha

    can’t wait for next episode; this is pretty good…. like beverly hills 🙂

  • pearl

    haha that was unexpected… lesbian….

  • blah

    This is the tampered version; it removes any lesbian references

    • fixed

      its not, they fixed it.

  • athy

    還是得這些實力派演的才好看 那些新人偶像劇難看死了

  • nw


  • Lynn6

    It is nice to see Jiani trying to find her own happiness but perhaps too fast .. she does have to consider that Weide already has a steady girlfriend and she could become the one that breakup their relationship. Cannot wait for next week as the “complication” sets in when Weide finds out his girlfriend is expecting …

  • SSSJ

    How do I find the uncut version on Youtube?

    • guest

      find youtube user: “yospace” titled “2014-09-27 16個夏天 第11集”

      • SSSJ

        Thank you!

  • do re mi

    it all makes more sense after watching the ‘uncensored’ version.

  • guest

    wow i didnt realized this is the cut version!! watch the full version on youtube.
    ReiRei confesses her love for JiaNe and kisses her =O

    • elly

      hurrying over to youtube right now. Thanks!

    • sp

      Thanks for the heads up, I am gonna find the youtube version. I’ve always felt the one RuiRui loves is Jiani and this cut version sure doesn’t explain the shock in Jiani’s face during their conversation. She shouldn’t have been this devastated to the point of calling Weide and sought for his companion for something she had already digested for days/weeks now. It made more sense now.

  • Z


  • abc

    原来瑞瑞是lesbian 啊。。。

  • abc


  • Guest

    They cut off rei rei’s kiss and confession!!

    • name

      I am not following.

      • Guest

        This video is the edited version. They cut out rei rei’s love confession and kiss. Go to YouTube to watch the uncut version. The story will make more sense.

        • jacky

          This is the uncut version what are you talking about….they kissed…

  • JJ

    Part 5 cuts off the preview for the next episode but Ge Qing finds out she’s pregnant! Noo!! Just when they finally can be together.

  • 郁惠 黃

    Part4 少了最關鍵的那一段話!